Do people really need a Time Trainer?

A question I'm asked a lot is “Do people really need a Time Trainer?”

There are so many reasons why a Time Trainer is essential in helping someone achieve their goals whether they are to have more quality time with the kids, to write a book, or just to feel less stress from everyday life. 

Here I’ve put together the most critical reasons why having a Time Trainer is invaluable, as well as the benefits that someone is likely to achieve.

Five reasons

Number one, the education.

So one of the primary reasons that a Time Trainer is really useful is that we are able to teach others how to manage time, and how to get better organised and maximize that time. 

Scheduling and calendaring are only a part of better time management. 

There are also technical errors to address, external realities to workshop strategies and psychological obstacles. 

Mindset is actually a huge part of successful time training.

If these things aren’t addressed, then it’s difficult to achieve your time management goals and what it is that you really want to have in life. 

If you don’t know how to most effectively go after your goals, then you’re unlikely to achieve those goals. 

Working with a Time Trainer really helps you work out the quirks. So, having a fresh pair of eyes in regards to the juggle of life is really useful. 

So, a Time Trainer helps someone to think of different ideas and ways of doing things that maybe they haven’t thought of. 

Number two, a Time Trainer helps with your unique requirements.

Everybody is different, everybody’s life is different and that means that everyone’s requirements are different. 

This could be anything from having a family with children who have special needs, or maybe a really high pressure job or a job that has irregular hours. 

So, this is where a Time Trainers experience with helping many many people can make a huge difference in creating the schedule that really helps you and supports your life. 

Number three, a Time Trainer helps you set realistic goals. 

So everyone wants to achieve their goal straightaway. And that’s unfortunately not how it works. I often see people setting big goals but then they’re not succeeding and they become discouraged and begin backsliding. 

A Time Trainer helps someone set realistic goals that they’ll be able to achieve. And then will keep you on track to hit those goals so that they are cheerleader for what you’re going for. 

Number four, a Time Trainer holds you accountable. 

How many times have you gone to bed and said to yourself tomorrow I’m gonna wake up, I’m going to get that done. I’m going to do an hour of writing before I get ready for work. And then you wake up, and you’ve decided to sleep for another hour instead. 

So this is where a Time Trainer is critical in ensuring that you commit and stick to those goals. If you’ve made an appointment to catch up with your time trainer, you have someone else to answer to about the fulfilment of an action item. You’re far more likely to still go on and do what you said you were going to do rather than if it’s just a commitment to yourself. 

Number five, a Time Trainer is good for your mental health. 

I can’t back this one up with science (yet!) but I’ve definitely seen that connecting with your time management and feeling more in control of your time, and having your priorities straight really helps with anxiety and contentment. 


Going for a long term goal, it can be kinda draining and it feels like there’s way too much to do to get there. But with the support and encouragement of a Time Trainer, you don’t have to go at it alone.

So there you have it – five reasons as to how Time Trainers help people. If you’re in need of someone to help you with the technical errors and psychological obstacles blocking you from your dreams; give me a call.

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