About flor&order

In today’s fast paced world, being organised is one of the essential survival skills. Life is busy and being human increasingly reflects that. Getting organised isn’t so simple as doing this or buying that. What works for someone will be different for someone else, but at the heart of the matter is that gaining clarity is something we all crave. Clarity that enables us to grasp a sense of where we have come from and where we want to go.

I love providing a service that allows people to reflect and slow down, to find their unique way of “doing life their way”.

flor&order’s organising philosophy combines developing mindfulness, encouraging an appreciation for minimalism, increasing gratitude, and sharing knowledge of essential life support tools which enhance all of the above.

In a society where we’re all so busy and meant to achieve so much, it’s no wonder that we’ve forgotten that we all have the basic human things to get done. These human things – eating and food preparation, cleaning, laundering clothes, house and life admin management – are things that every person does in order to maintain their presence ticking along in the world but they are treated as necessary evils. Rather than respecting and taking joy in these elements, they’re meant to happen ‘magically’ alongside everything else and squeezed into ridiculously small amounts of time.

It’s through my love of organising that I aim to remind others of the benefits of being organised and to help reestablish an appreciation for the small things that make life great. Because if you look for it, I’ve got a sneaky feeling you’ll find that organising actually is all around.