Why florandorder for Productivity and Time Management?

Because I care about how we manage our time, energy and attention to achieve our goals effectively.

Productivity and time management are more than a skill I have, it’s a passion. I apply my skills to my own small business, professional life, social life, even organising my closet! My coaching style is built upon the knowledge that every person handles time differently but at the end of the day, we only had 24 hours to work with.

With that in mind, I customise productivity and time management systems to the individual, working to your goals rather than the other way around.

How time management helped me with my anxiety

There’s a lot to being human and sometimes I find it overwhelming. When I was in my mid-20s, I developed social anxiety. It was during this time that I was juggling a career, a social life, managing a house, maintaining my physical and mental health, keeping on top of life admin, developing romantic relationships, working on personal development, and trying to have some downtime (self-care) amongst it all – that I found comfort in productivity. Productivity concepts, such as time and attention management, and tools like calendaring, calmed my mind, gave me structure and helped with balancing all the facets of life that I found important.

florandorder clients succeed

From small business owners feeling overwhelmed to time-stretched professionals, flor&order has helped them develop productivity and time management skills. Where they require my help is dependent on their needs and we develop solutions to best suit where they need to focus in order to get their goals back on track.

My clients develop a result-driven relationship with time, giving them the opportunity to focus on what they really want to do instead of getting caught up in the unnecessary. And I love doing it. I love seeing my clients change evolve their outlook on time and take control of the day.

Helping you, help yourself.

Working with me is like a personal training session, I help you understand what’s going on for you, what’s holding you back and we establish your unique relationship with time. Through our sessions, we find what strategies and systems work for you. Together we get your productivity muscles developed.

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