Terms and Conditions

As your coach, I’m thrilled about working with you to create a system that supports your best-organised life.

These Terms and Conditions summarise a mutual understanding of how to work together going forward.

Please note the following information in regards to Hands-On Organising:

Tasks Covered:

The project and focus of the day will be discussed prior to each session commencing.

Duration of Session

Minimum session booking is four (4) hours

i. If the client is unable to manage four hours or work is completed ahead of time, refunds will not be issued.


florandorder provides services to meet your organising needs as outlined in the initial discussion, confirmation email and service agreement. The success of the services is dependent upon your co-operation, and florandorder will not be responsible for needs/expectations not being met where you fail to co-operate.

i. You are required to communicate your needs with florandorder prior to the session and through ongoing dialogue.

ii. Duties which may be performed florandorder may perform the duties of sorting, storage implementation, decluttering, reorganising and client education.

iii. Duties which may not be performed florandorder will not climb an extension ladder, move heavy furniture, conduct general home cleaning or laundering duties. If furniture needs to be moved you are required to provide in-person support or, for an “easy move”, provide tools such as installing soft feet to furniture.

Relocation/donation of items

Items will not be removed from a client’s home without their knowledge and consent. Items will be disposed of once consent is received from the item’s owner (this includes items owned by household members other than the primary client).

i. florandorder may be able to recommend various locations for unwanted items to be donated or removed to.

ii. florandorder, in conjunction with a provider, can help you to arrange a skip bin.

iii. Any removal of items to a charity location/bin/depot (if possible at time of request) will incur an additional 30-minute fee to be applied to your invoice.

Third Party Goods and Services

i. At times florandorder may recommend that you purchase goods from a third party. florandorder is not a retailer. Whilst florandorder may purchase products on your behalf, florandorder will do so with your consent, as your agent. Any faults or defects with the goods are the responsibility of the retailer and/or manufacturer and you hold any relevant rights against them.

ii. Similarly, any recommendations for third party services are based upon our professional opinion and Florandorder do not warrant or guarantee the services or performance of any third party recommended. If you choose to engage a third party recommended by us, you do so under a separate and distinct agreement with that provider outside of these terms.


florandorder holds the following insurance in case an incident where an accident, breakage or damage to property occurs.

Class of Policy: 




florandorder will maintain a written incident report of the event regardless if the client decides not to repair or replace the damaged item in question.


Unless agreement is sought prior, all information about, or in any way relating to, the relationship between florandorder and yourself is treated as confidential.

Changes to this agreement and/or conditions

florandorder reserves the right to update or modify these terms and conditions.

Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy

Clients must notify florandorder by phone of a cancellation a minimum of forty-eight (48) hours in advance.

The client will be held financially responsible for scheduled sessions that they miss without this advanced warning.

Cancellation of scheduled session at least 48 hours prior to appointment time: 50% CHARGE
Cancellation of scheduled session within 24 hours of appointment time: FULL CHARGE
No Show – No phone call to cancel session: FULL CHARGE

If the coach should cancel a scheduled appointment, we will reschedule.

In some circumstances, rescheduling without charge may happen but this will be at the discretion of florandorder.