Why is florandorder
the time trainer for me?

Are you ready to stop living a life of unorganised overwhelm?

Because right now, you are painfully aware that you’re not your best self. Maybe you’re even feeling like a hot mess. Sure, you’re keeping your head above water, but there’s only so long you can keep this up. And at what cost?

Deep down you know you’re making silly (or significant) mistakes at work, at home, with yourself and your family because you’ve barely got the time or energy to cover all bases.

You’re not alone, and you can “do life” differently. 

*attention overworked professional who’s struggling to keep it all together*

Hi. My name is Christie, and I’m here to help you.

Imagine feeling centred and strong – confident you can handle all-the-things written down on your life and work “to do” lists in a positive and productive way.

For a moment, think about how much happier you would live every day if you weren’t dragged down with the thought of all the half-done and not-even-close-to-being-done *musts* which are waiting for you?

For just a moment, envisage a day where you’re finishing work on time and with a smile on your face because you know you’ve #nailedit and everything is just *flowing*.

Imagine the feeling of achieving something special you’ve had on your goal list for a long time and secretly you thought it was out of your reach (but oh wow, here you are doing it)!

These are the kind of big life moments I help my clients achieve through dedicated work in my one-on-one coaching program.


The coaching is designed with a combination of heart-centered time management strategies plus proven goal achievement techniques to banish the overwhelm, increase the fun and see you take control of your life’s journey.

Over the last seven years as a Holistic Time Trainer, I’ve learned that when someone feels overwhelmed in one area of their life (usually work) it can spill into all areas of their life, creating a big-ol-mess.

You can feel out of control and completely adrift from your purpose and passion. When you’re overloaded with these feelings; shame, guilt and fear start to become daily friends and very suddenly your life can be a not-so-fun roller coaster.

If you’re IN this moment right now, you’re not alone. Many professionals feel this way.

But, there are ways to “do life” differently and take back control.

Sometimes all it takes is a coach *ahem* to guide you through an exciting period of organisation, prioritisation and planning in order
for your whole life to change.

It’s why I’m so passionate about coaching – to witness those moments of transformation in my client’s life, is truly an honour. To be a part of someone’s growth and help set them up for big success is just rad!

If I had you at “you can do life differently” then click here to book in your free 30 minute session with me.

Ready to take back control?

Productivity Accelerator

Three Hour Intensive Session


What is it?

1 x 3 hour video call coaching session

1 x emailed plan of action

1 x 15 minute accountability follow up session

Ongoing support

$900 plus GST

Sometimes all that’s needed is some dedicated SMASH IT time. In this potent three-hour session, we’ll review your digital workspace organisation, your workflow and your calendaring skills. We’ll also address your most pressing can’t-get-through-it issue.

Together we’ll formulate an effective solution and layout easy steps for you to follow so you can start feeling confident in your ability to achieve. Then we’ll practice some simple yet effective habits and create some goals for you to work towards.

At the end of the session, you’ll feel more confident in getting what needs to be done, you’ll feel sorted without the stress.

Holistic Time Mastery

One-on-One Coaching


What is it?

12 x 1-hour video call coaching sessions

1 hour per month of phone and email support

Everlasting Triumph Tracker

Tailored research between sessions

$4,500 plus GST (payment plans available)

For those who desperately want to revolutionise the way they live their life, ditch the stress and start to make real change in managing their time and achievements.

Over our sessions we work through your specific relationship with time, and how to best manage that relationship. We outline any personal blockages around time, work, stress and responsibility that may be getting in your way right now.

Then, we prioritise your list, clear the mental clutter and start to implement efficiency techniques. Working regularly together we stay on top of the overwhelm and in control of your goals.

How is coaching with me different from coaching with someone else?

All of my coaching methods and modalities are heart-centred; meaning they’re rooted in empathy and flexibility.

No drill sergeant yelling at you to ‘get it all done’, no 5:00am wake up call telling you to move your butt.

Just honest, real and achievable goal setting, time management strategy and success coaching.

And how do we do this?

Through my Holistic Time Mastery program! It allows us to work in time frames and ways that suit you and your life right now. You may want to start weekly, then move to fortnightly sessions, or drop down to monthly for a while. You may need a little more email or message support in between sessions, it’s up to you and we can talk about your requirements on our 30 minute free consult session, which you can book in now via this link.

My method is all about reducing your stress and anxiety at the same time as boosting your productivity and efficiency.

To read more about me, click here.

And for Answers to Frequently Asked Questionscheck this post out.

Here’s what you can expect to happen when we start working together:

Hear some past and current clients share their experiences of working
with me:

I am a mum who runs my own business and I was really struggling to keep on top of the juggle. I was writing notes on scraps of paper, running multiple notebooks for different tasks and feeling completely scattered. I was also wasting precious time trying to find importation information and remember where everything was. After just a few hours with Christie, I already feel so much more in control of my to-do list. We have set up a really simple system for getting all my thoughts down, then transferring to short, medium and long-term goals. It feels completely achievable and SO much easier than what I was doing. Christie even sat patiently beside me and helped me engage with some technology I have been avoiding, which is going to be an enormous benefit to my work practices. I cannot believe how much we got done in such a short time. If you are feeling inefficient and out of control, I cannot recommend Christie enough to help get you back on track. And she is a lovely person to boot. You won’t regret it.
Working with Christie has been a game changer for me. As someone who has juggled and struggled to manage my workload, the simple skills and knowledge Christie has shared with me have completely changed the way I approach my work. I feel a sense of control and ease when I look at my week ahead and have complete confidence that I can get all my tasks completed. And even more wonderfully, if I can't get things done, I know this in advance due to the level of planning and control I have over my time. My biggest takeaway would be that I now have a realistic idea of how much time I have in a week and what I can accomplish in that time. Stress and anxiety are a thing of the past!
After my first session with Christie I had the most productive week in years! And it even included a 3 day holiday with my family. Christie taught me how to plan my time in advance, and to create a visually appealing and balanced calendar combining work, family and fun. It’s got me excited about my days and keeping me productive and present. Highly recommend!⠀⠀
Christie's input has been invaluable in time management and organisational skills for both personal and business life. I feel that she has given me the tools to organise my life and not feel overwhelmed. Most issues in life arise because we are all "too busy". Having worked with Christie, the time that I have gained back with her guidance has been invaluable.
Christie has changed my life. Christie popped up on my radar right when I had got to the point in my life where I couldn’t live the way I was living anymore! I was just floating through life, putting things in my calendar but double booking myself with verbal agreements and not changing it in my calendar. I was a mess, and upsetting important people in my life with my disorganisation in the process.⠀
When I first met Christie, I felt overwhelmed and was drowning with the demands of managing my business while struggling to meet the ups and downs of family life. Christie was very valuable in helping me identify where to start in what seemed like an overwhelming mess. During my goal strategy session, she quickly identified my needs, helped me prioritize and break down my most impending business issues into manageable bite size pieces which in turn allowed me time and space to focus on more pressing family needs. Her suggestions were clear, practical and straightforward to implement which enabled me to keep things moving forward and at the same time setting up for expansion. I came away feeling motivated and with a sigh of relief. I can highly recommend her services to get the most productivity from your valuable time and most importantly, choice in where you spend it.
Christie's techniques have totally changed all aspects of my life, from managing my workload to household tasks and getting ready on time. I now have techniques to manage my emails, manage deadlines and can use my calendar to assist me. Christie has also helped me evaluate my life goals and given me steps to help bring those goals to life. I would recommend Christie to anyone struggling with time management or who simply want help managing their workload and look forward to working with her again in the future.
Working with Christie has helped immensely with my workload and time management, with some tools I already had (!) she has worked with me to create systems and habits that have made me feel less overwhelmed. So much that on our last session I was so organised I wondered what we'd talk about! Christie was kind and patient while offering advice tailored to my situation, I highly recommend working with her.

Feel like this could be the start of a great friendship?

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Whether you’re struggling to find balance in your work and life, are unclear on how to achieve your big goals or you really need a big push in your systems and processes to get to the next level of productivity, I can help.

The florandorder Philosophy

I believe that you have a unique relationship with time. It’s different from my relationship to time, your partner’s relationship to time and your employer’s relationship to time.

Once we can ascertain how you can best manage that relationship, you’ll start to see big changes in your productivity, efficiency and ability to nail your goals.

You’ll also see your stress and anxiety around to-do lists, deadlines and volume of work dissipate as you step into a new phase of working with time differently. AND all the other ‘life’ things become much easier to manage when you feel in control and steady in your ability to get things done.

The florandorder Outcome

My goal is to see you living your best, most purposeful life; clear on your goals, calm in your approach, happy with the progress and process.

It’s not about cramming more into your day and week but helping you find the inner stillness that allows for efficient and productive days that leave you feeling fulfilled and enthusiastic.

The florandorder Process

  1. Well firstly, when we work together I take the time to learn your specific goals, desires and outcomes from our coaching sessions. I am invested in understanding exactly how you wish for our sessions together to change your life.
  2. We also work through your specific relationship with time, and how to best manage that relationship.
  3. Next, we outline any personal blockages around time, work, stress and responsibility that may be getting in your way right now. Putting together a plan to help you move past these blockages is a big and important step in our coaching program.
  4. Then, we prioritise your list, clear the mental clutter and start to implement efficiency techniques. We work in flexible sessions to stay on top of the overwhelm and in control of your goals.


Tell me again.. what’s included in the Holistic Time Mastery Program?

And how much is it? The investment for freedom, peace of mind, and creating impact is $5,000 inc GST

Payment plans are available if you need them.

Feel like I’m the trainer for you?

Book your quick call in and let’s get started!

Make getting everything done feel easy and uncomplicated.

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