Reviving Dry-Clean Only items

Sales staff are absolute goldmines of information. Especially if you can get the winning combination of a salesperson who knows their product well and who genuinely cares for customers.

And gems can come up quite unexpectedly – you just have to be ready to catch them.wpid-20150614_080832.jpg

The following tip came about when I happened to say that it was a shame that I was buying a dry-clean only shirt. The salesperson nodded understandably and said that I should invest in a bottle of fabric freshener. Miming on my new shirt, she instructed that to extend its life between dry-cleans, I should spray the inside of the shirt, under the arms and the back and then leave it to dry before popping it back in the wardrobe.

Ever since that gem of a salesperson suggested fabric freshener, I’ve used Ambi Pur Febreze Fabric Care Extra Strength 370ml which I just pick up at Woolworths or Coles. A minute of effort and a few sprays will truly revive a piece and save on dry-cleaning costs – which means that you can buy that other shirt you’ve been eyeing off!