Now more than ever before, TIME is valuable.

But how valuable is your time if you’re constantly stressed, overwhelmed and unorganised, being chased by your to-do list?

At florandorder, we challenge you to:

Hi! Welcome to florandorder.

My name is Christie, I’m a Time Trainer and Goal Strategist passionate about redesigning the way in which we manage our lives.

My mission is to help you live your most centred, productive and
efficient life. Fuelled by confidence, calm and fun. You can find inner stillness and continue to do all-the-things.

Working with me will help you to banish the overwhelm and
reconnect with your purpose.

I’m happy you’ve connected with me here.

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Christie Flora
Owner, Time Trainer and Goal Strategist

I encourage you to book in a time for a session now so we can get started in helping you overcome the overwhelm and get organised.

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We believe

That you have a unique relationship with time. Our work in “managing” your time is curated in line with your specific relationship and how that translates into goal setting, efficiency and productivity.

Our philosophy

Around helping you gain more value from your time (ditching the anxiety along the way) is perfect for someone who is invested in living differently and desperate to feel more in control of their life.

If you’re like some of our clients

You may have lost your spark and need some guidance on how to regain balance and inspiration so you can achieve your big goals.
If you’re a professional or small business owner really struggling to stay on-top of it all, every week feeling like a roller coaster of ups and downs and you’re hanging for the end of the week so you can have a moment of peace; you’re in the right place.

At florandorder you will be welcomed to think differently about your to-do list, calendar, life goals and productivity.

Work With Christie

Holistic Time Mastery

One-on-One Coaching


What is it?

12 x 1-hour coaching sessions on Zoom

1 hour per month of phone and email support

Tailored research between sessions

For those who desperately want to revolutionise the way they live their life, ditch the stress and start to make real change in managing their time and achievements.

Over our sessions we work through your specific relationship with time, and how to best manage that relationship. We outline any personal blockages around time, work, stress and responsibility that may be getting in your way right now.

Then, we prioritise your list, clear the mental clutter and start to implement efficiency techniques. Working regularly together we stay on top of the overwhelm and in control of your goals.

Monthly Goal Setting Hour

Community Coaching


What is it?

Monthly x 1-hour group coaching sessions 

Recordings, tools and worksheets

First time *free*!

Perfect for time-poor professionals who need guidance and practical skills to up their productivity!

A powerful community group designed to help you feel productive and purposeful. In bite-sized chunks, develop the basic skills to get out from under the pile of never-ending to-do’s that you know you’re going to push to the side.

This is your chance to change how you work with, use and manage your time so that your life can feel easier, lighter and more aligned with your purpose.

Making fuzzy time management principles practical and simple. 

Take the first step in working together and book in your free 30-minute session with me (Christie).

I will be able to answer any questions you have around the packages available to you and also give you some on the spot productivity tips to get you started.

Keep upping your productivity game!

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