When is a Productivity, Organising and Time Management Coach needed?

A Productivity, Organising and Time Management Coach (POTMC) is needed when someone is overwhelmed by everything they have on their plate.

Whether you’re running a small business, meeting career goals or feel that daily tasks are slipping, a POTMC is for you. You may be feeling behind and don’t know where to start. It could be that you have a goal but can’t seem to get things in place. Working one-on-one, a POTMC dives into this person’s life, career or business and helps them develop solutions that work for them. It’s through these coaching sessions that florandorder clients achieve success.

florandorder clients range from:

  • Small business owners who are feeling overwhelmed and losing motivation. Their inbox is overflowing, bills are piling up, appointments are slipping. They love what they do but are stressed. They just need a Productivity and Time Management Coach to come in and create a workflow that makes things simpler.
  • Professionals who need a step up in their career but can’t seem to manage efficiency. They have an innovative idea but get caught up in the small stuff. They have a presentation coming up but leave it to the last minute.
  • A person who needs guidance with their life admin and help with their daily routines. 24 hours in a day isn’t long enough and there’s just so much to do!

Every florandorder client has a unique relationship to time and through our sessions, we’ll explore it. After a florandorder coaching session, you’ll be able to apply these discoveries with a customised workflow, resulting in the maximisation and balancing of both time and success. florandorder is your Productivity, Organising and Time Management Coach in Melbourne and online.

The foundation of our coaching is based upon:

 Maximising time

Productivity, Organising and Time Management  Prioritising workflow



  Clearing your mental clutter

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florandorder is a Productivity and Time Management Coach in Melbourne and online

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