Hat box? Tool Kit? Both?


This may look like just a decorative and beautiful hat box, but take the lid off and you’ll find everything needed to quickly mend or alter clothes, accessories, and shoes.

Inside the hat box you’ll find…

From top left to right

Lint brush – special velvet that quickly removes fluff and lint from clothing and other fabrics.

All Weather Protect All – Protectors help waterproof and protect everything from shoes and bags, to coats and outdoor equipment. I reapply several times throughout the year.

Anti static spray – Eliminates Static from clothing and hosiery and is a very  useful item to keep in the desk draw.

Craft glue – a water based adhesive, perfect for bonding paper, cardboard, wood, wool, fabrics and more; I use this for accessory repairs.

Leather conditioner – cleans, nourishes & restores leather, patent leather and accessories.

Leather hole punch – I got annoyed with having to go to someone every time I envisioned an additional belt or sandal hole improving an item, so I bought my own leather hole punch online – viola!

From bottom left to right

Thread and needle – I’m not a great sewer but I can patch a few holes and mend holey pockets if need be.

Lint shaver – ideal for use on a range of garments (especially winter knits) to remove those annoying balls of pilling and lint.

Dubbin – a wax product used to soften, condition and waterproof leather and other materials. Fun fact: Dubbin has been used since medieval times to waterproof and soften leather boots.

Superglue – I always have superglue on hand and will even take a tube when travelling. I use it on shoes, accessories and appliances. I buy an inexpensive pack of six from Dollar Stores or K-Mart.

Scissors – my scissors mainly help me out with cutting back loose threads which I can’t help but see when I look down at an outfit!

Craft and Jewelry Jaw Pliers – very useful for extending the life of costume jewelry through assisting in mending and alterations.

And that’s it for now. My tool kit expands as unique needs arise, and I’m often replenishing its contents. With that in mind, I’m off to the shops to grab some shoe polish which I am clean out of!

Do you have a tool kit at home? What else have you found invaluable?


Taking the clutter out of periods


Periods and all the paraphernalia that go with them, don’t usually come to mind when thinking about life efficiency. I certainly hadn’t thought that there was anything more that could be done in the area but then I was introduced to menstrual cups and my eyes were opened.

I began using a menstrual cup in January 2015 and it didn’t take long to become a convert. In the beginning it was a bit of a change, fast forward to the present and I can’t imagine using pads or tampons regularly anymore (to be honest they were a bit of change too but much longer ago so I’d forgotten).

On top of being good for the environment and changing the lives of women in developing countries, menstrual cups are an organised person’s dream. Here are a few ways that I’ve found that menstrual cups can support an organised lifestyle:

  1. Outfit choices remain the same during my period – sometimes certain underwear has to be worn with specific outfits, but with a menstrual cup I no longer have to alter my outfit choices to suit the time of the month. It was always frustrating while using pads to grab a dress -that required shape wear- or pants -that I knew needed a g-string- and sigh when I remembered that I needed to stick to the outfits that only required basic underwear. No more!
  2. Underwear is kept clean – once I was fully on a roll with my menstrual cup, leaks became a thing of the past. I no longer have ‘good underwear’ that I save for when I’m not having my period and ‘I don’t care if I have to toss it underwear’, I just have underwear now.
  3. There’s no trash – no more sneaking wrappers to a bin after applying a pad or tampon and there’s no need to carry around extra supplies.
  4. There’s only one small item to store when not having a period – plus there’s no more having to store a variety of pads to accommodate the different levels of a cycle. I keep a few ‘just in case I feel like reminding myself why I love my menstrual cup’ pads or tampons in stock and that’s it. It’s nice to have some more free space in the bathroom.
  5. Travel packing becomes a lot more compact – if I’m anticipating having my period while travelling, my menstrual cup takes up far less space than pads which is always a good thing. Also, it saves me from purchasing additional pads if my period comes surprisingly early while overseas and then having to store those when I return.

My menstrual cup cost me $60 from a health food store. It’s been about 18 months now so that works out to roughly $3.33 each month. In comparison to the amount I would have spent on pads, say $3.99 per 12 pads (Chemist Warehouse price), that works out to $71.82 – so I’m already coming out on top. Considering that a menstrual cup can be used for up to 10 years, apparently, I’m looking at my cup costing about 50 cents per month by that stage. Amazing!

Birthday Rewards


My birthday was last month and while this is a life hack, having fun while budgeting sort of post, it’s also a shout out to all the loyalty programs that made my birthday extra great! If you shop with these stores or have any interest in them, and aren’t yet a member of their loyalty programs I’d encourage you to sign up. Likewise, maybe stores that you do shop with have a similar program that you can become a part of and so enjoy some sponsored shopping through.

Metalicus scarf.PNG


Metalicus – $20

With the help of a $15 loyalty voucher, I got a scarf and a laundry wash bag.






Country Road – $20

I put this voucher towards a lovely grey top that my wardrobe has been lacking.




Pens.PNGKikki K – $10

I stocked up on pens with this fabulous pack of five.





Witchery – $20

I benefited from the 3 for 2 offer on socks. I love fresh socks more than anything in the world… lovely lovely.







Sportscraft – $20

On top of a super sale discount, this beautiful bag meant that I only spent $9.40 of my own money. Can’t wait to take it out for a spin!



Mimco – $30

Another year, and a new hair cut, which I feel demands new accessories! For only a few extra dollars, I picked up a set of fancy spancy Mimco slides – perfect to mark the occasion and change.



A great birthday haul if I do say so myself. Thanks again to these great loyalty programs and stores!

Successes are the key to conquering everything else – everything…

Here’s a hint that may help you achieve your organising goals. Think  about a time that you got something done.

What did you do?

Unpack the process… what came easily to you that helped you achieve it?

In other words, what worked? And what didn’t?

Asking these questions and delving into the thought processes behind what made that a success will help you with future projects. If it worked for you that time, there’s no reason why the same principles can’t be applied to other things that you are wanting to tackle. You get more bees with honey, so think about your successes and don’t focus too much on what is left on your to do list.

Packing for a Weekend Away


I went to Sydney the other weekend. Even for such a short trip I find it’s worth taking the time to try on each intended outfit before you set off.

Before getting into this habit I would continuously feel frumpy and unstylish while away. The effect of this on my getaway was that I wouldn’t feel quite myself and I was constantly wishing that everyone knew that I wasn’t like this at home. At one point I felt that the solution could be to have a huge sign follow me around that read ‘I’m travelling! Not feeling quite prepared! Don’t usually look like this…”

However, that’s not the route that I have gone down. The packing advice given by Lauren Conrad in her book ‘Style’ sums up how I approach my travel outfit planning: “Dressing stylishly while on the road involves creating outfits from a small array of pieces – accessorizing and styling tricks then come into play to make the pieces different.”

So really it all comes down to bringing a few key pieces to create the illusion of an entire wardrobe. As much as I’d love to wear specific outfits while away if those outfits can’t easily mix and create other outfits with the others, then it stays home. Putting the time aside and trying the outfits on ahead of time is the key here.

The process of packing for Sydney started a few days before my departure. I asked myself, what do I have on? What outfits do I need to construct? And came up with

-a night time outfit (and a twist in case a follow up night out occurred)

-a family day event outfit

-travel outfit for there and back


I also started making note of products and items that I was reaching for in the lead up to the trip. Usually, if I’m able to pack my toiletries on the day, I’ll pack as I get ready that morning and think about the day before as well (the lyrics “your hair never falls in quite the same way” comes to mind). I packed my hair straightener rather than my VS Curl Secret as the straightener is multipurpose – same concept as outfits really. If I have to choose between something that can do two things over one thing, the multipurpose item wins every time.

And this is what it looked like in my carry on when all packed up:

If you’re wondering what those blue cubes are… those are Space Cubes by Eagle Creek. They have changed my life. Quite literally. They make travel much more streamlined and my suitcase feels constantly in order. Here I’m using a little one for undies and pjs and then a larger double sided one for outfits which I’ve separated by pants and the tops that go with them.


What is each space’s purpose?

telescope-498317_1280A good place to start, if you are feeling like an organisational overhaul is right for you but you aren’t sure where to start, is to think about each space’s purpose.

What do you want out of your house? Your room?

For me, I want my house to be a welcoming place of refuge that allows me to recharge and supports my life outside in the world and online. I want my room to be a place of comfort, to feel at peace when sleeping and also when prepping for the day ahead.

Now break it down further. In your room, say, what is each storage unit’s purpose? What is each shelf’s purpose? What do these areas house?

I have a shelf for home admin, a shelf for small jewellery and accessories, a shelf for knits and a shelf for larger  knits. I sort my long shelf on the top of the wardrobe to store items that I don’t need often (dance and swimwear, my laminator, travel bags and my repair kit) but I don’t overcrowd it. It’s important for me to feel that everything has space to breath and to relax (a la Marie Kondo) but also the more orderly each shelf is, it’s easier to mentally flick through items when I may need something.

Thinking about each space’s purpose and where each belonging will call home will assist in streamlining your organising overhaul. By getting firmly in mind what it is you want to reflect back within the space, your overhaul gains direction and purpose. Good luck!


Replete yourself


Every so often take stock of all your products and possessions. Ask yourself, what aren’t you using? In your room? Bathroom? Pantry? What can be used up? What have you forgotten about but can actually use? Have you thought of new uses for underused products or possessions since eyeing them last? Put your money to use! Don’t let things collect in corners and go to waste. Consolidate products and group like with like to save yourself from overspending.

Taking stock is something that I will do before making a purchase. Needing to replenish my shampoo the other day, a quick scan of my bathroom storage left me feeling pretty happy. I’m good for electric toothbrush heads for a few months, razors – check, all my face products are at a healthy level so I’m good there for a while and my loo roll container is at capacity. Life is good!

As Anna Johnson says in her book Savvy Chic: The Art of More for Less “I like to mend, polish, rearrange, clean, and reorganise my clothes and favourite things when I can’t afford anything new. Often I’ll find many things I can sell or give away, and that helps the chain of plenty to get moving again. It also makes me feel really full (and sometimes ruefully foolhardy) to see what I already own and to put it into active use before accumulating more. Yesterday I used my coffee press for the first time, because I finally noticed it, and I smiled. My next check comes on Friday and I have a nice big jug of iced coffee in the fridge to sip while I wait it out.”

I’ve mentioned previously that the brain tends to stop seeing things once it’s gotten used to seeing them. By giving your things some attention you renew your connection to them which in turn makes them seem more useful than previously. And viola! You’ve repleted!


Winter Coat Pocket Clean


Every so often during the heavy coat, winter season, I’ll make the effort of going to every coat I own and clearing out all of the pockets. Generally I’ll just be throwing out a bunch of tissues that have been worked to breaking point (my nose in winter is something else… which funnily enough I have also discussed here in regards to exercise). My routine is also to add a fresh pocket tissue to each coat’s left hand pocket – my future self always thanks me for this one.

Occasionally however, my clean out delivers unexpected trips down memory lane. Especially early on in the season. This last week I wore one of my heavier coats for the first time and pulled this Post-it note out of my pocket (but no season old tissues, in case you were wondering).

Reading it made me smile – ah yes! Last year, I was President of the Milk Club at my work! I recalled those chilly mornings when I would make my way to the shops to collect the milk that gave all the Club members’ warming coffee and teas throughout the week. It was a nice memory and one that made me reflect on what choices I’ve made since.

So if you’re thinking that your pockets may need some attention, try approaching the task with a sense of curiosity and take the time to pause on what you may find; it might just end up being a pleasant experience!

If you find something of interest… share below!

Let’s organise… cleaning!


This may come as a surprise but although I am passionate about organising and am naturally inclined towards being organised, I am not this way when it comes to cleaning.

‘Cleaning’ as I see it is, and as Dictionary.com sees it, is being free from dirt; unsoiled; unstained. Rather than ‘organised’ which is to systematise something… okay, everything.

It doesn’t bother me to put off vacuuming for another few days or wait till inspiration hits to deep clean the bathroom and instead just clean a little as I go here and there. I came to the realisation a little while ago that I am very good at putting these things off because I lacked a fool proof method. In effect I needed to organise how I approached cleaning.

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Accessories rule!

20160420_134440.jpgIt may have become obvious from earlier articles that I have a lot of accessories (proof can be found here and here). I adore them. Often an outfit doesn’t feel complete to me until I’ve matched a necklace to it or thrown on a scarf.

My pieces come to life when matched with accessories. My grey cowl neck top, pictured here, absolutely pops with this orange necklace. The colour helps but it’s also the clash of the cluttered bead necklace against the conservative fabric that make the combination so exciting. The thing about accessories is that if you think it doesn’t go, it probably does! You just have to try it.

The same can be said to adding a funky handbag to a plain outfit. It adds personality and creates an interesting point for visual contemplation.

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