Developing habits for peace of mind

My back door is always locked.

I lock it every time and clip the little chain that supports the lock. The back door also offers the only airflow through the apartment. Even if I plan to be home for the next few hours or even the rest of the day I’ll go through the whole procedure of locking up. I do this because then I know it’s done. The few times when I’ve had good intentions to open it again soon and have simply shut the door, leaving it unlocked, it’s ended up biting me on the bum! I got bitten a couple of times because plans changed. I forgot to lock up and came home to a wide open door which was startlingly to say the least.

Shocks to habit

It was due to these shocks that I committed to always locking up. It’s now such a habit that I don’t think about it and it’s of such value to my peace of mind. It’s valuable because I know it’s always done. I can count on that. I don’t have to question myself or come back to a wide open door. It’s one less thing on my list.

Habits like this can be applied to other areas of life and work too. A client of mine has committed to opening their email. Another will check in on family members’ tablets once a week so that they aren’t having to rush out to fill scripts. And another client will pop their Inboxes in a dedicated tax folder once complete ready for tax time.

Over the next couple of weeks observe yourself and see what you might turn into a commitment. It’ll save you time and most probably peace of mind.

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