How to reframe B.U.S.Y.

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If I’m feeling busy then I know I’m in over my head. I want to be comfortable and enjoying everything coming my way and ready to roll with the punches when something turns up that I’d rather not deal with.

The messages we send ourselves

In this current environment where busy is the new competition – we’ve all had that conversation with someone “How are you?” “So busy! You?” “Oh, yeah! Soooo busy!” – it’s become my personal mission to try and not use the word (I do slip up every so often though, #human). I also want to help others peel back their layers of busy so that they can live comfortably.

So how do we turn busy around?

First of all, what are some other words we can use instead? It takes practice for these to become habit but definitely worth it. The messages we send ourself through language has an immense impact on our productivity.

Full, Intentionally full, Abundant, Rich, Engaged, Wholehearted, Captivated, Productive, Excited, Packed (intentionally so), Active, Assiduous, Bustling, Diligent, Employed, Hopping, Industrious, Laborious, Occupied.

Some of these words wouldn’t suit me but they may suit you. I personally like Full and Packed but there’s plenty more out there, take the time to find yours.

And now lets take busy apart

What if B was for Balanced?
The ability to create balance across your life, to have time for yourself, your family, your work and everything else that supports and encourages you to reach your goals. Only you know what this will look like for you so make a monthly or quarterly time to check in with yourself to recognise when you’re off balance. My tool HOLA is a great way to do this.
What if U was for Uncluttered?
From having worked with people across house organising and time management, I’ve seen firsthand that there is definite overlap in three areas that we hold clutter – in our minds, our physical space and our schedule. You may be more cluttered in one area than another, or all three, and that’s okay. Acknowledging the clutter is the first step, analysing what’s going on for you in the second, and coming up with a strategy to resolve it is the third. If this sounds too difficult to you, give me a call, happy to help you break it down further.
What if S was for Sustainable?
Getting things under control is not a once off event. Like getting fit and healthy, maintaining your systems is an ongoing part of life. Any system that’s setup needs to be sustainable and flexible. Things change all the time (#hellolife) and part of good time management is being able to update your systems and pick yourself back up when life throws you a curveball.
And what if Y was for You?
What peeling back on busy does is put YOU in the driver’s seat. It’s so easy to get caught up in what everyone else needs from you, from work and family, and forget about your needs, your preferences and your unique energy levels. Without health you’ve got nothing, run yourself into the ground and guess what? Nothing you want to get done, gets done! If you do find it hard to give yourself some down time, remember that there are 168 hours each week, so even if you took 20 minutes out each day, that still leaves you about 166 hours each week to do everything else.

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So, how about it? Will you take on my personal challenge to banish ‘busy’ from your vocab?

Talk soon,

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