Worried about someone coming over? You haven’t reached your level of organised yet!

Everyone’s level of organised is different. Some people’s level looks like a magazine shoot, other people’s resemble a lived in pair of jeans. I strive to help clients achieve a perception change to ensure that they find, and are happy with, their level of organised. Often times there’s some unpacking to do around being okay with not keeping up with the Jones’ and being comfortable with their level being different to what they think it should be.

A good way to determine whether you’ve reached your level or not is to take note of how you next feel when it dawns on you that someone will be coming over. You could have initiated the event or maybe it’s a service call that has to be done. Start to notice what comes up – maybe nothing, maybe a small worry, maybe your mind might dart to the clutter on the kitchen bench or maybe it’s a huge worry and you want to cancel the whole thing. Whatever your reaction, you’ve learnt something valuable about yourself. You’ve learnt whether your home is reflecting the life you want.

This self-knowledge is empowering and gives you some insight as to your desired organising level. It will also help you create guidelines for your next steps to take to reach that goal. If for example, your mind did dart to the kitchen bench then maybe that’s where your energy is best spent getting started. Clear it, sort it, and implement a system to keep the clutter from reappearing. After having a win there see what else pops up for you and continue until you’d be perfectly happy to have anyone come to your house at any time of the day or night (well, within reason…)!

So give this exploration a go and see what comes up for you. Let me know what you’ve found out about yourself – I always find it interesting!