5 things you never say when you’re organised

Five things never said by happy clients…

Over my time as a Professional Organising Coach, I’ve noticed that there are five things never said by happy clients vocabulary as they get closer and closer towards reaching their level of organisation.

As their guide to getting there, it makes me immensely proud when they start to observe in themselves what has changed in their lives and environment. I admire them for having engaged in the process and giving it a go, because change can be hard but the outcomes are well worth it.

1) I HAVE to clean my room/house.

What I love about getting people to the point where their home supports them and they like being at home, is that cleaning, tidying, house maintenance, becomes less of a chore. Instead it becomes a time to support yourself and the things that make your life easier, a time to reflect and slow down from the busyness of outside life, and a time to be house proud.

2) Where’s the…?

Because everything in the house has a home, it’s become habitual that if something isn’t being used, it’s back in its place. People stop wasting time searching for things.

3) I’ll put that away tomorrow…

This links to the above, because everything has its place, it’s easier and habitual to put it back once it’s been used. Things feel better when in place so the temptation to leave things out til later lessens.

4) I’ve been looking for that!

During a decluttering session it often happens that a client uncovers something that they’ve been looking for, and usually for quite awhile. It could’ve been lost for months, weeks, or days inside or outside the house. To find something like a ring or a beloved accessory, that they thought was gone forever really brings home how important the work that they are doing is.

5) Oh wow! $10/$20/a gift voucher!

The amount of resources lying around a disorganised environment can be remarkable. I find it sad to find expired gift vouchers that have gone to waste. Luckily though, finding cash and coins can easily be returned to its duty of being in the world being traded for things that keep life going. Once I worked with a client who found the full fee of hiring me in her spare room! She was delighted to say the least.

If these are things that you hear yourself say, get in contact and let’s get them out of your vocabulary today!

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