Don’t toss that yet!

Last week it seemed that I was coming to the end of my not so cheap foundation. I was shaking the bottle and practically throwing my shoulder out trying to get the remainder of the product out. It wasn’t working particularly well and what was moving towards the bottle exit came out in spiffs and splatters (so I was basically wasting it).

I determined it was time to get my scissors out. Using the floor as a stable base, I pierced the foundation bottle and then proceeded to cut the bottle in half. Well! You can see by the photo below, why I am so very glad that I did not just throw the bottle out! imageThis may seem quite obvious to some of you but having spoken to a range of people, I can say that this is not common practice. And it really should be, because it saves you money and it reduces waste which then saves the environment. Boo yeah!

A week on and there is still enough product left in the bottle and by my estimations, I may have another week’s worth still. I’m actually getting a little impatient and want to move on to a new bottle of foundation but that’s only because I get a kick out of using things up.

I’ve kept the cut up foundation on my basin counter under a protective cup, which shields it from interacting too much with the air and stops any foreign nasties getting into it. But I’ve also used the cut off part of the container, Ziploc bags and clothes pegs to do the same thing.

Products in glass containers are a touch more difficult to fully empty. I’ve found that the best method is to leave the product in a cup of hot water, but make sure it’s not boiling (as I think that that may change the formula of the product), this lets the product come off of the sides and pool in the bottom. This works great for lip glosses too.

And if you have a product with an awkward opening, don’t be afraid to straighten out a paperclip and give it all you got before calling it a day!

Good luck to you all and remember, it may be obvious to you but it may be a complete revelation to someone else, so try bringing it up in conversation and see who’s day (and wallet!) you can make!

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