When the going gets tough, stop the tough

Common productivity advice is that you make a decision as to what to do and then stick to it.

No matter what. When the going gets tough, stick to the plan and compromise nothing. This, I’d say, is a very hustle-hustle, masculine way of ‘getting things done’.


And I actually don’t think that it’s good advice for most people. We don’t have the same energy and attention everyday so to expect ourselves to stick to an intention without wavering is unrealistic. Plugging away at something when it’s just not your day, also gives life to the belief that working is more painful than avoiding the work. 

Just because something happens to be on your list today doesn’t mean that it’s set in stone. I often tell my clients that if you really can’t get into something and you are pushing and pushing as if against mud, change tact. Switch to another task or activity. Call a friend, move around, do another task (this is called proactive procrastination).

In other words, choose productivity over loyalty to your original intention. Be flexible with your to do list. Do something else, get the momentum up, and by the afternoon, or tomorrow, you’d have knocked that tricky task on the head and saved your self time and energy in the meantime.

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