Making use of pockets of time that might be going by unnoticed


Your doctor is running late for your appointment. What do you do in the waiting room?

  1. Work on something I was supposed to finish before I came.
  2. Read a trashy magazine. Isn’t that what waiting rooms are for?
  3. Review and update the few items on my to-do list. Then go back to my novel.
  4. Fume, while catching up on emails or phone calls.


All answers are fine but if you’re not in the habit of dipping into small tasks when the opportunity presents itself, the next time you find yourself in the position to do so, it might be a good time to start.

These pockets of time can be very frustrating or they can be a moment to jump on small tasks and clear the decks.

A list

Have a think, what are some tasks that you could complete in such a situation? Some ideas to kick you off:



-Reading to do

-Write a blog post

-Clear out your photos on your phone

-Sort out screenshots

-Review your upcoming week or month

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