Creating a vision that helps define your action steps

Let’s talk about visions.

They are what you have in mind for your future, what will satisfy you and who you want to be as a person. Supporting this are the goals that you’d like to achieve in order to make that vision a reality. These goals tie into each area of your life. They could range from wanting better relationships, to starting a business, to writing a book.

While some goals are specific. Others are flexible and open to interpretation. In my time I’ve helped people with all types of goals. If you’re not sure what life goals you should set and feel overwhelmed by your prospects, that’s totally normal and all part of the process of chunking it down into a portion you can handle.

What’s awesome about taking action to change your circumstances is that by designing powerful goals, you’re actually setting aspirations in motion.

The Next Level

All successful people meet their goals by figuring out what they want, creating their vision, and committing to their goals. They break their goals down into smaller chunks, and make a step-by-step plan for each one. Then, they keep going and going til they have the life they envision. Your goals can help you take things to the next level in any area of life. 

So, write down a goal that’s been playing on the edge of your mind now. By doing this you increase your chances of achieving it sooner. The next steps are to find accountability and make a plan. Define the first steps and go take action tomorrow, no matter how small that action is. 


Track your progress and celebrate your achievements. There’s nothing like seeing your own hard work coming together to keep the motivation going. Setting life goals should be exciting. It’s often a turning point in someone’s journey and the framework of a brighter future. So, what goal will you be setting today? Let me know in the comments below.

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My program called ‘Design and Achieve Your Best Life: Goal Setting’ helps make achieving your goals a reality. If this sounds like exactly what you need, please call me and let’s discuss further.

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