5 reasons why restrictions are helpful in fighting clutter

Keep clutter under control

The one in one out rule. Respecting fill lines. Sticking to budgets. Buying only when you need to. And writing things down. These methods are tried and tested and are incredibly useful when keeping clutter under control.

  1. By keeping in mind that every time you purchase something that a like item will have to leave ensures that your environment’s sides won’t blow out (so for every new shirt that makes its way into your wardrobe, an old one comes out; same with accessories like handbags and bangles and also video games and the like).
  2. Fill lines, aka storage container limits,  can also be an ally in keeping clutter at bay. By employing containers to keep track of when it’s time to detox you can keep ahead of clutter buildups without overthinking it. I wrote more in depth about that here.
  3. Budgets can be a great tool in curbing shopping habits and maintaining the level of stuff in your house. By being aware of what money you have available and how long you may have to wait before you can purchase it, the value of an item increases and also gives you time to reconsider its necessity.
  4. Buying only when you need to and only what you need, keeps space feeling fresh. Rather than buying in bulk, only buy as you use, this allows for change in products, needs and also means that you’re only storing what’s in rotation at the moment.
  5. Keep a list and stick to it when shopping! A list maintains focus and ensures that shiny new things don’t creep into your basket and your home.


I love Bared shoes – they have so many beautiful shoe styles and are incredibly comfortable. I’ve tried on a lot of them over the years, and the reason I share this with you is because although it seems counter intuitive, trying on a lot of the styles has helped restrict my purchases. By trying on a variety of styles I know that certain strap designs don’t look good on my feet and/or hit my irritated foot bone wrong. What I did was make a list and I update it as my knowledge expands on certain styles. Having these restrictions has saved me a lot of money! It’d be easy to cave in to the lust I have for a new colour or style, but by remembering that I won’t be able to wear or enjoy the shoes, I’m able to say no every time and only commit to the styles that suit me and that I need.

If you need help decluttering or getting these restrictions in place for yourself – contact Christie.