How to keep boots upright?

Pool noodles – for more than fun in the sun!

I have tried many methods to keep my long leather boots in great condition. I paid good money for quality boots and I like them a lot. The idea of having them lying down on the floor doesn’t bring me joy and it isn’t the best space saving solution. To care for them I wanted to find a way to keep boots upright that was effective and simple. My research has involved finding ways to keep the leg of the boot from folding over on itself. I tried to keep the original cardboard from wen I first got the boots but they were fiddly and too breakable. I was going to get the blow up things that you see at the stores but they didn’t seem tall enough. It was when I was walking through Big W that I had a big “ah-ha!” moment (not this kind of ah-ha but close to it!). I was walking through the sports gear/activity section and there they were. Pool noodles!!!! By far, the best method that I have found is to cut them down to size to fit the boot.

Yes, pool noodles. Not just for the pool, these things are fantastic for keeping your boots happy, your closet happy, just everything happy.

I purchased my pack of noodles at Big W several years ago and they are still going strong (just don’t get them wet!). So rather than wasting money on inflatable boot shape holders, try a pool noodle to keep your boots upright. They do an outstanding job for holding your boots up! And I guess for swimming…!

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I wouldn’t be surprised if pool noodles were responsible for the above rigidness!!