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Hamish Jones

Telecommunications and IT Specialist

florandorder handy tips

  • If you feel that you get distracted often, why not schedule that in? If you have a time set aside for it (with a strict end time. I know how easy it is to get caught up in a Youtube autoplay. For me, it’s Graham Norton interviews… so addictive!)
  • Make sure you try out different apps on your phone. It may be the different method of notifications, look or tools within the app that you realise helps you more than a different app. Try them out and find the best system for you.
  • Get productive about what plans and resources are best for you. Do the research and try, try, try! If you’ve had the same system for years and it works, great! But if you feel there are gaps, contact someone like florandorder to step in and define customised solutions to bridge them!

Hamish Jones knows which tech works.

Using technology is a basic skill you need to know if you’re going to survive nowadays. Hamish, from Best Business Deals, helps time-poor business owners make sense of their IT & Telecommunications. Working with them to find the right tech for their needs. He also assists Seniors get online, helping them feel comfortable with exploring the internet.

How do you organise yourself?

I still like a paper to-do list.

I like to make written notes and I get immense satisfaction in crossing off items off my to-do list. I know this is incredibly “analogue” for someone in the digital space but it makes me feel more productive.

I organise my day into 27 minute blocks. The first 27 minutes of each day and the last 27 of each day is a “planning block” to chunk tasks and estimate how long everything on my to-do list will take.

I schedule “admin” blocks for things that pop up during the day. I don’t let them distract me because there’s time to do them later in the day. Scheduled distraction time is important.

What tools do you use to stay organised?

As someone who sells telecommunications products, as well as providing consulting and training services, I am evangelical about the value of smartphone devices as a productivity tool. My phone is a communications tool, a marketing tool, an education tool, my diary and it helps make me get fitter.

G Suite manages my emails, my calendar and my documents across devices, meaning I can access everything I need on the go.

My smartwatch, my Fitbit Versa, help keeps me on track throughout the day. I set alarms to remind me of everything – from eating, to drinking water to when to leave for my next appointment. It’s invaluable.

What three things could someone do so they stay on top of telecommunications?

With smartphones, the two most important things anyone could do is make sure they have set up their devices to automatically backup (Android and iPhones can do this) and make sure the software is always up to date.

I also encourage everyone to do a quick audit of their phone and internet needs – covering technology and plans. Plans and technology are always changing and it’s important that you are on the right plan with the right technology for your needs.

If you need help with your IT and Telecommunications, or know a senior needing guidance, get in touch with Hamish at Best Business Deals.

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