“It owes me nothing!”

I have a dress that cost me $250 and at the time I felt quite sick as I purchased it (You know that feeling? When you have to rearrange your face as the price appears on the monitor? Yep…that feeling). Fast forward three years and three months later and that dress still gets me as many compliments as it did on its debut. More times than not I can’t help but say in response ”I’ve had this dress for years. It owes me nothing!”

And it literally doesn’t.

It cost me $250;

I’ve used it 84 times (It’s an all seasons dress, and I estimate that I’ve worn it AT LEAST once a fortnight);

So cost per wear is $2.98 (roughly…).

And that cost-per-wear amount makes me happy – so in conclusion, the dress owes me nothing!

Calculating ‘cost per wear’ is a great formula to justify the scary price tags that often accompany good quality pieces. Once you’ve done the calculations it makes it really easy to appreciate a piece just that little bit more. Plus there’s something very satisfying about the realisation that an already loved item is working hard to earn its keep.