Energy Management and what that means for time management

Organising time is only one part of the pie when it comes to Holistic Time Mastery - the other pieces are energy and attention.

I’ve become even more obsessed with energy management since undertaking Menstrual Cycle Awareness training. It’s an absolute game-changer. Which is exactly what one of my clients said after I introduced her to the information and set her up for tracking her own cycle: 

“I really think all this might be a game changer for me on a number of levels (energy, fulfilment, avoiding comparison etc) I really appreciate you going through it with me I’m looking forward to doing some tracking and journalling over the coming weeks.”


I’m planning on writing more on this topic as my experience with integrating it with classic time management increases. But in the meantime, here are some videos from my catalogue about Energy Management:

Mental energy and productivity

Connect to your WHY for an energy boost

Energy Levels and how to manage yours 

If you’re curious about understanding the impacts of your energy, menstrual cycle, or your partner’s menstrual cycle, on your productivity, give me a call. I love diving into this topic! 

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