Realistic balance over beating ourselves up

Recently a client of mine was beating herself up for having not got things done fast enough.

She felt behind. I assured her that it’s something we all experience as humans. Even very good time managers have days like that. For me personally, there are days that flow so well and leave me feeling very fulfilled and then there are those days like my client described.

Taking stock

I had my client tell me about her week and all that she was juggling on top of her business. This is what she came up with….

  1. She has a family to care for…
  1. She’s sharing the caring duties of her elderly father with her sister…
  1. She needs to have lie downs throughout the day for a lower back issue…
  1. She and her partner are looking into moving house…

Well! That’s enough isn’t it?! Phew!

Show up...

Sometimes the things that need to get done have to wait a little longer than we’d like but that’s life. My client wants to reach her business goals, but she also wants to show up for all her other life goals.

There’s a balance between getting things done and allowing for the flow of life. As Allen Saunders said “Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans”.

How are you striving for balance every day?

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