Come back to your unique situation – what feels right to you?

I have a mentor who often pushes me out of my comfort zone. It’s fabulous because that’s a) what I need to grow, and b) why I hired them. But sometimes I need to push back on some of their recommendations because they either aren’t for me and/or don’t suit my energy levels.

Often when my mentor suggests something I’ll get quite inspired and fired up about it. But it isn’t until I try it on for myself that I know whether it’s truly for me or if it’s something that just falls flat. Trying different things is extremely important as this is where we learn more about ourselves and are able to take the parts that do work and use them in other surprising areas.

I see this reflected in the journeys my own clients go on too. Brainstorming and solution finding is FUN (with a capital F) but implementing and trying those solutions is where we can either find the gems or beat ourselves up very very well. 

Working with a client recently to improve their email management process highlights this nicely. To begin with the relief and excitement they felt about the new process was palpable. We both left that session feeling bouncy and pumped up! Between sessions I touched base and their enthusiasm was noticeably waning. Doing the process in reality was new and harder than ‘the devil they knew’ and they’d definitely considered reverting to their old ways because their “brain was hurting”. I urged them to keep going til our next session at least and observe themselves with kindness because new habits and routines take time to take hold. 

Coming back together for their next session, my client had a list of observations that they shared with me. There were the parts of the process that they loved and were working so well, there were aspects that we needed to tweak, and there were a few pointers that hadn’t landed for them so we scrapped them. Because my client had kept going through the experimentation period they’d claimed the process as their own. I was soooo proud!  

There are a lot of methods and ideologies out there in relation to everything humans are doing. We can’t do them all and not all of those things will work for everyone. It’s in the experimentation phase that we’re able to find the pieces that work for our unique situations. So cherry pick away! Find the bits that make up your unique solution.

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