Three Questions with an Intuitive Healer

Megan Hanlon

Intuitive Healer

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  • As Megan says, viewing your challenges through a different light can really help with perspective and even garnering some lessons from them. I’ve definitely seen how this change in perspective benefits all departments of my life – personal and business.
  • I really like how Megan identifies that writing out her business education helps her retain the information. Knowing your own learning style and how you best work, is valuable information. It ensures that when you sit down to learn something you do so in the most efficient manner.  
  • Megan displays real calendaring finesse by honouring her schedule and needs. By doing this, she’s making the most of her limited business time to further her goals while still fulfilling her family commitments.   

I am Megan Hanlon, the founder of Soul Intent Healing Centre.

I created the business when I discovered I was a healer. I named it Soul Intent because one of the core beliefs I used to overcome depression was to decide that everything in life had a purpose. Your soul created an intention before we came down to earth and no matter what was happening it was to help us grow.

I also decided that it was possible to solve all of our challenges because it didn’t make sense that we would put lessons in our life if we couldn’t also get through. So now I help people understand what their soul’s intent was when they set up those challenges. And I help them through the experiences easier and with greater enlightenment.

How do you organise yourself?

I have very young children so I actually need to have balance between organised and flexible. I have two days a week when the older child is in childcare and I make sure I do most of my computer work then if I can. So I try and keep these days free from unnecessary appointments and I’m less likely to clean the house that day just so I can get business work done.

I would be lost without my smartphone as I use it to keep on track of emails and I am always using it to learn. I listen to podcasts virtually every day and can quickly see if my scheduled social media post has loaded. I take a lot of screenshots of hippie things using my phone too. Plus the camera has been used to video my Hippie Homework series and upload them until recently.

I have now been able to set up a desk space in my new house and this makes it easier for me to quickly access my computer and do more work in the evenings as well.

I still like to write my business education in pads because it’s easier for me to find and access, plus I retain the information more.

What is your best email management tip?

I am regularly signing up onto new lists for freebie info and it makes my inbox get out of control so I make sure I do a cull of my list regularly. If I’m not reading their future work or if they are someone who thinks it’s necessary to send daily emails then they go immediately. Plus I’m learning it’s not necessary for me to watch, read and listen to everything. So I delete a lot now without opening it. If I’m doing that then it’s a sign I need to cull them from my list.
If I do want to listen to something then I leave it unread to remind me to go back to it. It’s not the best system at times but it works for now.

What’s something you recently had to make time in your schedule for?

Besides being an Intuitive Healer I am also a certified practising Accountant. I need to do professional development so I have had to set up my learning to ensure I maintain my qualifications while I’m out of the workforce within this industry. Recently I did 14 hours of online learning but it had a limited time availability. So I had to spend 2-3 hours each night doing it and got my husband to look after the kids and get them to bed. Course complete!

Megan runs regular ‘Hippie Homework’ on Facebook. It’s amazingly insightful and a great opportunity to check-in with yourself.

Contact Megan at and mention this interview to receive $20 off your first healing (available virtually).

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