Could you be having a better quality time?

My client held their day planner up to the camera during our Zoom session and pointed at their day: “Full, full, full.” It’s something I see a lot when working with clients, overloaded days, wishful thinking that ALL of it is going to get done TODAY. But… it’s not possible! The secret to getting it ALL done is to NOT! Pare back and focus on the right things. Prioritise.

A few weeks of time training later and my client is singing a different tune:

 “I realise now that I’m pacing things out. I’m trying to achieve fewer outcomes in a day but what I’m getting is better quality. I did so much today, getting around to meetings all over town and each and every one of those felt good. I didn’t feel in a hurry to get away. I felt like I was able to get more out of the meetings and give more as well. It was just better.”

I was so pleased for them! I love when my clients take back control of how they relate to time and sense that change in how their days feel. Everything that they’re doing is important, and it all links to their big vision goals and what they need to do. And they’ve let themselves off the hook, they don’t have to do it all today. 

When I sense that a client is beginning to slow down, relinquishing that need to do it all and NOW, that’s when I see that their lives start to flow and change for the better. They are determining their priorities and anchoring them to a time and date. Spreading them out over the weeks and months so that they can show up and produce better work and have quality meetings.

Breaking tasks down and pacing those tasks out is a basic yet valuable time management skill. Getting things done this way helps you manage stress and achieve. It’s a win-win! If you think you need support around this, feel free to book in for a call with me. We can explore ways of working together and investigate whether we’re a good match, so get in touch today and let’s see what works for you. 

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