Organising things based on your natural inclination

Every item in your home needs its own home. But what if sometimes an item could make sense in a few different places?

Take scissors or sports underwear for example.

Scissors could be kept with other like tools and sports underwear could be separated out into general underwear categories. But another way of determining where to store an item is to think about where you most use it. Where do you naturally end up using that item?

Do you use the scissors the most in the kitchen? In the bathroom? Near the wardrobe so you can attend to loose threads when getting dressed? Any of these spots are perfectly fine.

Personally, moving my sports bras away from the other bras, and keeping them in the same drawer as my workout clothes, streamlined my gym preparation. Opening one draw when getting dressed for a workout not only speeds up the process but helps derail any lazy thoughts of skipping it!

So this week, observe if something is not being housed in a spot where you most seem to need it. Try moving it there and see if your tasks become more streamlined as a result.

Organising heart, head, and home