Fighting new shoe blues

There’s nothing worse than hobbling around in brand new shoes that look very pretty but that are silently killing you. Although it’s a given that there is going to be a breaking in period with any pair of new shoes, I just know that if an experience is particularly heinous that I will resent those new shoes and be full of trepidation whenever I reach for them or, worse, avoid them completely.

Luckily for me, and my pair of blush sandals that I debuted on the weekend, I established a successful technique last summer that prevented blistering, pain and all round uncomfortableness. I discovered that by using Spray Bandage by Elastoplast preemptively before I stepped out that my debut days were immensely more pleasant.
This is my tried and true method to avoid new shoe blues. Firstly, allow for extra time before stepping out, rushing this method is not advisable. Secondly, put the new sandals on and take note of where any pain may occur (such as the back of the ankles or the sides of the big and little toes). Thirdly, taking the sandals off, spray a coat of the Spray Bandage to those noted areas and finally, wait one minute to allow the Spray Bandage to dry and then apply another layer. Two layers usually does it for me, but there’s no harm repeating the last two steps as many times as you desire! Go crazy! Elastoplast and your feet will be your biggest fans!