Three things that can help combat overwhelm

What are three things that can help combat overwhelm?

Awareness, Planning, and Management. 

These three elements come together to help overcome overwhelm and stop it in its tracks.

I’ve spoken to many people and worked with clients, whose biggest obstacle was that they were overwhelmed by taking action. They could see what they wanted, they knew it was possible on some level because they’d seen it come to fruition for others around them, but they have resistance to taking action. Firstly because overwhelm blinds them of what the first step is and stops them from actually trying.

So what to do?

It sounds simple, but being aware of the overwhelm is essential. It’s easy to turn away from it, busy ourselves with other tasks. Push it off for another day. Managing the overwhelm and admitting that that’s what we are facing greatly reduces its power. We must also be aware of our goals and dreams and the roles that we have to balance in our life so we can achieve without stressing that we’ve neglected other parts of life. 

Breaking down the goal is part of planning. It’s here that I ask that my clients to get their ‘blinkers on’, like those horses who provide city tours. It’s here that we get the goal down to little, little steps. Stupid small. So small that your brain thinks nothing of doing the first step. And if we happen to look up and get overwhelmed again, we get those blinkers back on and take another small action step. 


Once we’re on a roll with small action steps and feeling a bit of progress. Lets up our time management and calendaring skills. Let’s ensure that your time is well spent and has balance. Let’s figure out how your goal achievement can be applied in your everyday life. 

Overwhelm holds too many people back from pursuing their dreams. By coming at something from another angle, a simpler angle, we can feel emboldened and try. Because you never know if you don’t do!

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