There is no ‘quick’ solution but there ARE solutions!

Your brain is wired to stay unfocused,

switch between tasks before you’re done, gravitate to the things you love to do versus need to do etc… So it takes work on a daily/weekly basis to set yourself up for success so that you don’t feel guilty for not getting to the things you were never going to get to in the first place.

Energy and Time

One way that I ensure that I’m often ahead of this guilt is by tracking and managing my energy and time. It’s changed my life and it’s why I love helping others do this for themselves. Here are some suggestions I have to get started: 

Three areas of focus

  1. For those of us who bleed, track your energy throughout the month. As women, our energy will ebb and flow with our cycle. Simply put there are times to do certain aspects of your work. Knowing when to do these things enables you to go with the flow versus pushing against the grain.


  1. Observe and know yourself and then build routines and systems around what you’re good at, how you work best, what to outsource etc. My clients often have huge ‘ah-ha’ moments when they give themselves permission to be themselves and to stop beating themselves up.


  1. I’ve got a collection of tools that help my clients learn to prioritise. Focusing on your big rocks as well as thinking about the Top Three things each day helps a lot as a starting point. I find that a big problem of what’s wrong with modern society is that we forget to incorporate what’s going on in our mind, body, heart and in the broader community (and the universe, if you will) each week. This changes and needs to be taken into consideration weekly when you schedule things in.

Be kind

It’s game-changing… but takes time so be patient and gracious with yourself.

If this resonates, book a quick call with moi!

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