Welcome to my new home!

I’ve recently moved house and am at that point when everything is feeling like it clicks. Each move inspires me to declutter that little bit further and to ensure that my organisation and storage strategies are flexible. I get a kick out of the fact that each place has its own quirks and I thoroughly enjoy (although it’s frustrating at times too) figuring out how to make it all work.

My bedroom

Although my new room is bigger space wise to my last one, it lacks the storage that the previous one does so this has meant having to refresh my storing methods. Something I don’t mind because it was due an update and it encourages me to look at my belongings more closely again.

But thank goodness for my bed frame!! It’s a Harvey Norman gem and combines bed, drawers and shelves. On one side I have my books and DVDs and on the other, which you can see in the photo below, are most of my shoes.

I’ve utilised the back of my door to display my scarves and other winter goodies by picking up an Over the Door Storage Holder at The Reject Shop for $6. Two single over the door hooks that I brought with me carry the bulkier scarves and my beanies. I love this look. It’s such a clean, fresh look and so accessible.

My closet doors only slide across easily if my clothes hangers are hung backwards. For the first few days I was perplexed every time I went to my wardrobe and then a moment of genius! What if I tried turning them round? I’m sure sometimes I’ll forget but it changes the weight of the hanger so now my doors close easily. Love those moments! Very satisfying!

Another thing my funny closet has made me do is find another way to store my necklaces. Which is great timing because as much as I adore my Howard Storage World Jewellery Organiser 44 Pocket hanger (which I wrote about here) it’s wearing out from years of use! Instead I’ve now brought my necklaces out and am displaying them via a ladder. I searched high and low for this ladder till I finally found it; it reminds me of small country towns in France… le sigh…

My Bathroom

An unexpected outcome of this move has been that I’ve reconsidered fake plants! My bathroom was needing something, I wanted green but with no responsibility… viola! Kmart, you beauty, had this wonderful piece for sale for $9. It just makes me happy.

Turning my 4 drawer storage trolley (a Kmart purchase from last year) to the side solved my hand towel dilemma. The occupants before me had put up a removal 3M Command Hook, which are very handy tools, but I wasn’t liking the vibe. This suits my bathroom better and using this as a towel rail disguises the awkward fit of the trolley.

This move has also enlightened me to the fabulousness of the Chux Magic Eraser . This product is beyond amazing. A couple of the big erasers lifted my new room to such a clean level that I felt like its first occupant. I used a couple of the specific bathroom erasers and again, felt so much more comfortable shifting my stuff in.

So through adapting to the quirks and shaking up my methods, I’ve come to feel pretty sorted in my personal space now. I wonder what else this place will throw at me!