The need for brain extensions

The brain is an amazing thing. It can also be very demanding. Most people are aware of the ‘fun facts’ of how many thoughts the human brain has during a day, estimated as fifty to seventy thousand.

Increased awareness of this has resulted in more studies and the development of an array of techniques to help us manage our thoughts. Such tools can help us in deciding which thoughts to follow and act upon and can assist us in living in the present.

I view being organised as a valuable condition to be in so as to keep on top of the wave of thoughts. In today’s fast paced world, being organised is a survival skill. When you think of the number of choices we are presented with, how much time is spent online, checking news and social media, plus doing our everyday work, the effort to stay present and on top of life admin and all that it takes to be human has never been as challenging as it is now. With so much constantly coming at us, it is vital to have ways of capturing our most important thoughts. Our brain simply can’t hold onto everything we need to remember. Assisting it by utilizing a variety of brain “extensions” (like Calendaring, Evernote or Keep programs) really helps a person to make the most of this life and hopefully enjoy it to its fullest potential.

The more you get the important minutiae (if that isn’t a contradiction in terms) out of your brain and into a trusted system (or “extension”), the more clear, focused and present your mind can be. I find using Google calendar, Evernote and Keep every day as electronic mind dumps for what I’m feeling, thinking, and needing to accomplish aids me tremendously in this area.

Google calendar is my place for appointments and “to dos” with specific time frames. Evernote is a place where I capture ideas and information that I want to hold on to. And Keep is for shopping lists, general lists and “to dos” that don’t yet have a time frame. It may seem a stretch to have three such apps, but by blending their use I feel that I cover all bases.

I’d recommend using one or more of these tools, if you aren’t doing so already, as a way to clear the clutter from your busy mind. With your brain generating thousands of thoughts per day it’s nice to know that you have help capturing the essentials.

Organising heart, head, and home