Three Questions with an Executive Coach

Michael Turner Executive Coach florandorder handy tips Keep your work and personal email separate to allow for work/life balance and for smooth transitions further down the track Write everything down. Empty your brain! Exercise assists in being productive. As well as keeping our bodies and mind fit and healthy, it gives us perspective. Michael is […]

Three Questions with an Opera Singer

Phoebe Deklerk Opera Singer florandorder handy tips It’s never too early to think about what you’re leaving behind, posession wise, the more you declutter now, the less you or family members have to do later.  How we curate our memories is also an important management of possession flow. This is one way that I’ve found […]

Three Questions with a Nutritionist

Darcie Ellen Nutritionist florandorder handy tips It’s a common misconception that “down time is wasted time”. But actually self-care is the backbone of productivity. Without self-care, our energy and attention dips, making every task feel like working through sludge. Make sure that recharging is high on your priority list. Darcie makes a really great point about […]

Three Questions with a Personal Stylist

personal stylist

Toula Vogdanos Personal Stylist florandorder handy tips Years back I worked with a stylist and it changed my life! Not only does it help you on a self-development level but the ripple effects on your finances and time management is phenomenal. A wardrobe detox is an amazing thing that you can do: I suggest taking out […]

Three Questions with an Intuitive Healer


Megan Hanlon Intuitive Healer florandorder handy tips As Megan says, viewing your challenges through a different light can really help with perspective and even garnering some lessons from them. I’ve definitely seen how this change in perspective benefits all departments of my life – personal and business. I really like how Megan identifies that writing […]

Three Questions with a Psychologist

melbourne psychologist

Paul Saunders Psychologist florandorder handy tips Whether you’re a leader of 30, two or no one but yourself, Paul’s tips are beneficial because it puts you squarely in the driver’s seat. As Paul says “don’t let the emails control you”. Putting boundaries around when you will interact with emails assists with breaking down their power […]

Three Questions with a Property Manager

property manager melbourne

Wendy Chong Property Manager florandorder handy tips If you don’t have Outlook, that’s okay! Whatever email platform you’re using most likely has a calendar to go with it. Set up colour coding to suit each task category and urgency Like Wendy says, you have to have a “Me Day”. A day where you put self-care […]