Three Questions with a Property Manager

wendy chong

Wendy Chong

Property Manager

florandorder handy tips

  • If you don’t have Outlook, that’s okay! Whatever email platform you’re using most likely has a calendar to go with it. Set up colour coding to suit each task category and urgency
  • Like Wendy says, you have to have a “Me Day”. A day where you put self-care first and slow down. Self-care is one of the most important foundations for productivity
  • While doing it all yourself may seem easy at times, it can also be extremely stressful. Sometimes you just need a professional to step in and guide you.
Wendy Chong makes property management easy. 

Wendy is the founder and director of Home Run Realty, a property management group based in Ashwood Victoria. As a passionate Property Manager, she cares for her clients’ investments, working with them to ensure they get the best return on their money. I’ve seen first-hand how dedicated and knowledgable she is and I wanted to know how she stays on top of everything.

What tools do you use to stay organised?

I put everything in my Outlook calendar and set up email follow-ups. This way I don’t miss anything. I set alarms on my phone too. My motto is “Remember Nothing, Write Down Everything”.

How do you organise yourself?

I wake up early, have a good breakfast and more importantly have my ‘poison’ – a Skinny Latte to conquer the day ahead of me! 

I write down my daily tasks and make sure that I get the more important (hard/difficult) things done first. I schedule my week around each task, e.g,  Wednesdays – Account/Bookkeeping, Thursdays – Prospecting, so on and so forth. I colour code my calendar for easy reference. It makes it so much easier when I’m scanning through it.

I’m always punctual! If I’m not, the ripple effect occurs and I get flustered. I’d go as far as saying it’ll ruin your day. I also never leave things to the eleventh hour, it’s all about time management from the word Get Go!

Bonus tips:

i) I highly recommend reading the book Eat That Frog” by Brian Tracy which will change your life. Stop Procrastinating!

ii) Write everything down so you can see it visually instead of having everything in your head which can make one extremely overwhelmed.

iii) Dedicate a day during the week for “Me Day”.  My “Me Day” is every Tuesday where I will do things only for me.  I’ll get my nails done, indulge in some retail therapy, catch up my recorded TV shows etc.  Non work-related things basically.

What are the Key Rental points to obtain an optimum rental yield for your investment property?
  • Include a FLOORPLAN
  • Know your AUDIENCE
  • Include details about LOCAL AMENITIES
  • Be REALISTIC about rent

The other day, Home Run Realty helped her client improve their property’s value. With Wendy’s help, they were able to increase their weekly charge (to a reasonable rate of course!) and had a new tenant (on the first viewing!) who signed the lease! So if you’re needing assistance with your property – give her a call on 0412 739 488.

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