Three Questions with a Personal Stylist

Toula Vogdanos

Personal Stylist

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  • Years back I worked with a stylist and it changed my life! Not only does it help you on a self-development level but the ripple effects on your finances and time management is phenomenal.
  • A wardrobe detox is an amazing thing that you can do: I suggest taking out everything that you own and piece by piece looking at each item, really focus on each for a moment before deciding whether you should keep it or not.

Hi. I am Toula Vogdanos, my business is called Style Identity.

Style Identity provides Melbourne personal shopping sessions, wardrobe make-overs and specialist styling consultations that will transform the way you think about clothes, yourself, and shopping. 

With my very own brand of magic, I’ll guide you on a journey of discovery – finding out what works for you, what your unique style identity and personality is, and how to create that look for any occasion.

How do you organise yourself?

I make sure to take 10-15 minute intervals throughout the day to stay on top of my emails, social media and calendar to do lists.

What’s something you do for yourself every week to recharge?

I always make time to get in touch with friends and family. Plus, I always take the opportunity to get out and exercise daily.

What are three things someone could do to fall back in love with their wardrobe?

1. Do a wardrobe detox.

2. Eliminate clutter in the wardrobe by sorting what works and what doesn’t.

3. Conduct a style consultation to understand how lifestyle can fit into what clothes you choose.

Helping people create a wardrobe that they love is what I do best. Clothes mean much more than just getting dressed. They transform your mind and help you feel and look better. They build your confidence and allow you to do all the things you love.

Contact Toula on 0421 823 012 at for a virtual wardrobe detox or a styling session.

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