Three Questions with an Opera Singer

Phoebe Deklerk

Opera Singer

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I’m an Opera Singer with a love of empowering other people to love their voices, speaking and singing. I perform at Weddings, Funerals, Aged Care Happy Hours and I produce my own concerts (online and live).
I also consider myself to be apart of the Funeral Awareness movement, I want people to have extremely personalised song selection at their funeral and to share that. I’m about to release a product that helps you plan funeral music for yourself or a loved one by focusing on all the awesome connections we have with songs throughout our lifetime.

What tools do you use to organise yourself?

I use an a4 Paperblank appointment Diary to keep organised with appointments.
I use iCal for my ideal week/ scheduled flexible tasks.
I use Trello to keep track of all of my projects and its a place to keep my ideas that don’t need actioning now but might be handy later.
I use Swipes for urgent To-do things.

What’s something you do for yourself every week to recharge?

I dance Burlesque, it’s so much fun and I get to live out a mini fantasy.
I also go to a forest every week or every fortnight. I recently went to the Dandenong ranges and walked around 3 gardens and a forest – I find that incredibly recharging.

What are three things someone could do to stay on top of Funeral Planning?

1. Choose who is going to help you get your requests on paper and who to give it to (with your will is the best place).
2. Make the choosing process fun, have a tea party or dress up party – however you jam. This is about celebrating your life, no one actually celebrates your death.
3. Grab my soon to be released product to choose all your best hits and celebrate your life with a birthday mix tape.

Email me, Phoebe, at mentioning this interview to receive 25% off my upcoming Funeral Music Planner – Farewell: Your Greatest Hits.

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