Lounge wear criteria

My attention was drawn to my lounge wear the other day because the stacks were becoming untidy. Sorting through the stacks I realised that it had unwittingly turned into a dumping ground. Items of clothing that had been downgraded from other parts of my wardrobe were now hanging out with genuine lounge wear. A pair of jeans, not good enough for casual weekends but maybe I’d use them if i ever had to do some painting (this is so rare an occasion I don’t know why the thought continues to pop into my head); a print shirt, with a red wine stain that I may one day stop seeing; and a daggy shirt that I don’t know why I bought.

One reason that this dumping ground has occurred is because my resolve to get rid of unsuitable items immediately was in need of a refresher.

I felt guilty for not having used these items as much as I could have or for having bought them at all so I instead tried to repurpose them. When this works it’s great but unfortunately I’d lost sight of the purpose of lounge wear. To relax in!

My lounge wear is roughly three outfits made up of a combination of purpose bought and repurposed pieces, that are comfortable and funky. A specific criteria that I have for lounge wear is to ask myself the question “would I be embarrassed if someone rang the door bell and I had to answer wearing this?” Doing this lets me weed out items that don’t work and helps me focus in on how my lounge wear supports me feeling good at home.

Clearing the dumping ground allowed me to go through the items and properly let them go. Lounge wear that feels relaxing and good is what I want; what I don’t want is to be worrying about future paint jobs that may never occur!