Want more pep? Pamper your soles

Have you ever thought about the bottom of your shoes? Have a look now, turn your most beloved shoes over. How do they look? Are they wearing thin? Are holes visible? If every other part of the shoe is in good shape then treat your shoes to a sole lift. Adding a rubber sole to your shoes will restore them to glory and if added to new shoes, it extends their life considerably. This is especially true for leather soled shoes. A few walks out on concrete streets, leather soles practically beg for protection.

I’ve also added rubber soles to slippery shoes which reduces my fears of falling by about 97%. This also has the added benefit of improving my relationship with that pair of shoes. It’s a satisfying feeling to make peace with a purchase that I was convinced was out to get me.

I’ve raved about Mister Minit previously when I discussed shoe stretching, they are also the place I go to for rubber soles. I’ve found that they consistently treat my shoes respectfully and they are returned to me in great condition. No nicks or scratches like other places I’ve tried.

So treat those beloved shoes to some pampering and return some pep to their step.