What does a Time Trainer do when THEY get overwhelmed?

It was an awesome meeting and I came away with so much to do.

Although I was enthusiastic and geared up to do the work to help my business and connect more with my lovely florandorder followers, I’ll admit, I was Overwhelmed. Capital O. 😱

It’s been a journey for me to
a) get across marketing and
b) enjoy social media

Before heading into business I’d been Facebook free for three years and it suited me really well. But times have changed and I’m on board now. Social media can be an awesome tool for connection and inspiration.

So I gave myself time to process the overwhelm and then the next day I coached myself.
I stopped.
I breathed deeply.
I pulled on my Process Pants and got planning.

It's doable!

I stepped myself through the process that I take my clients through ALL. THE. TIME. when they are feeling overwhelmed and unsure of where to start. And you know what? It worked as I knew it would. My tasks weren’t so scary in the end.

It was doable. I just needed kindness, time to process, and then a plan.

So here I am. Putting in place the action items that were recommended and grateful that I made the most of the meeting. Because I can see that it’d be way too easy to shove them off to the side and not action anything. To not incorporate the genius suggestions and therefore not help my business.

Can you relate? Have you ever felt so overwhelmed and just needed some time to prepare before launching in?

I have a solution – my Action Plan offer.

Action Plan

This is a one-hour session that will address one of your overwhelming, can’t-see-through-it, Time Management problems. At the end, you will walk away with a super-simple-step-by-step strategy to get it sorted!

One-on-one Session and Action Plan: $180.00 limited time only

What’s included?
-1 x 1-hour video call
-We will get into the nitty-gritty of your specific problem
-Take it from overwhelming to doable and exciting
-Notes/Suggestions from your session emailed to you for reference
-A 15-minute check-in to touch base and offer support as you implement

You’re going to love this session because we are going to nail one thing that will set in motion confidence to change other areas of your life causing overwhelm.

florandorder coach melbourne

Still not sure whether an Action Plan is right for you?

Call for a chat on 0450 399 664

Or email me any questions christie@florandorder.com

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