2019 was a wonderful year and these were my top five projects

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As 2019 comes to a close I’ve been reflecting on the year that was, and have come to the conclusion that it’s been a really wonderful year. In life and in business. I’ve worked with many lovely people and we’ve achieved things that they’ve often been putting off for ages that have greatly increased their happiness. After much contemplation, I’ve chosen my Top Five success stories for 2019.

1. Office overhaul

This was a whole day job because the client was ready for action and knew exactly what they wanted to feel at the end of the session we got in and got the work done. His office went from having no clear system, things not having a home, and papers being across every surface to being organised and professional.

Here’s what he had to say after we’d finished:

Asked Christie to help me get some kind of order out of the seeming chaos that was my office. A tough task I thought, however, she helped me tackle the task with ease. She helped and guided me through the process from start to finish – including re-orientating my desk which has transformed my working space beyond belief. I feel heaps more organised now and is great now that everything has its place. I find I work more efficiently and effectively and my staff all love the new setup. I cannot thank Christie enough and would (and have) highly recommend her to everyone.

You can read more about the overhaul here.

2. Time management

I thoroughly enjoyed coaching this young man over several months so he could develop a new relationship with time and increase his confidence in regards to how he manages it.

His Google review at the end of our time engagement meant a lot to me:

I first met Christie a few years ago. Since then Christie has given me so many valuable advice in the areas of personal organisation and time management. One of the most memorable advice I’ve got from Christie was “everything has to have a home” and to date that has helped me a lot, from remembering where my keys and my wallets are in the morning to putting paperwork/clothing/”you name it” … in the right places. I also undertook a time management class with Christie. I’ve learned to better organise my time so I can be on time to attend the important things in my daily life (from always late to be regularly on time, ~80% and improving). I highly recommend anyone who’s looking to improve their organisation (and therefore can enjoy important things in life) to start now and give it a go.

3. Downsizing

My aging client wanted help managing her house, decluttering and sorting it to suit her current needs and limitations. We worked over several months to make her home a place that was comfortable and supported her.

At the end of working together, she sent me this text:

Hi Christie thanks for your help helping me to organize my place where I know where everything is and can find things easily. And to help me only keep what I need or want. It really makes a big difference to my wellbeing to realize I am getting rid of clutter. Didn’t think I could do it. But it has been easy to just not think twice and give what I don’t need or want to someone that would appreciate it. U have been a tremendous help and such a patient person around a chatterbox like me.
So thanks, Christie.

PS: I loved her chatterbox-ness! Couldn’t get enough of the stories she had to share.

4. Just moved in

It’s not often that I work with a couple together, so this was a delightful experience. This young couple had moved across the country and booked in for a Stocktake of their two-bedroom, two-bathroom city apartment. We explored their needs, concerns, expectations to understand their requirements and then worked together over a few sessions to overhaul the wardrobe, bathroom, kitchen and study area. They worked so well as a team and caught on to the organising skills that we spoke about that I can imagine their home staying organised well into the future.

5. Too much laundry

Laundry, laundry, laundry! Everyone has it, but add another 4, 5, 6 kids into the mix and the laundry can become unruly. Working with this busy mum of 6 with another on the way, was a satisfying challenge. Understanding that laundry was 90% of the problem in managing the house was what cracked the code for us to get things whipped into shape. We got on top of all existing laundry,  sorted and decluttered every individual’s wardrobe, and then put new systems in place for managing the flow of new and old clothing.

To hear this busy mum say that she was excited to do her next load of laundry and that she’d “got more done with [me] in 2 days then [she] would in a month alone” filled me with immense pride that I’ll take well into 2020.

Huge thank you!
Thanks to all of my clients for the wonderful support you have given me this year. I am so honoured to be invited into your homes to help you with your organising challenges. These are only my Top Five success stories of 2019, I have so many more and I’m so proud of my clients for taking on the challenge of organising!

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