The Magic of 3

The other day my friend and I were discussing her truly great outfit. It was just so spot on that we couldn’t help but dissect it. She was wearing straight leg jeans, a Mickey Mouse t-shirt with a black crop vest thrown over the top of it (and sporting light blue ballet flats).

The reason why I bring this is up is that she reminded me of the Magic of 3 by saying ‘Something was missing and then I threw on the vest and it clicked’. The vest was the third item in the mix and it took her outfit from plain to uber stylish.

The magic of three cannot be denied. It’s just incredible. I’ve seen this many times when dressing myself and out and about. There was a fantastic article about the recipe which is worth reading as it so accurately shows the power that a third piece has on an outfit.

Bringing a cohesiveness to an outfit and pleasing the eye in such a way creates undeniable stylish appeal. So when you’re next thinking that your outfit needs sumfing sumfing throw on a third piece and feel the click.