How to combat Time Anxiety

I think it’s human nature to fall into the trap of thinking we’ve ‘wasted time’ or that we should have spent time in a better way.

There’s an old adage that supports this societal thinking – ‘time well spent’. As in, that particular thing was worth it and this other thing was not. The criteria that determines if something falls into the latter or former category is going to be different for everyone. Take a moment now and ask yourself, what does ‘time well spent’ mean to you?

A great day

If you’re pulling a blank, how about running through what an ideal day looks like? Better yet, pull out your calendar and go over the past few weeks. Which day did you really enjoy? Which day did you go to bed thinking ‘that was awesome, more of that please!’ 

If I were to harbour a guess, I’d say that that day involved tasks and events that had you in a state of flow. Whether that be work-wise or in other areas of your life. A state of flow, also known as being “in the zone”, is the mental state in which you find yourself performing an activity in a fully immersed way. You feel energised and fully focused, and you’re getting a lot of enjoyment from the process.

Think about...

Feeling like we’ve wasted time or aren’t using time ‘correctly’ can lead to time anxiety. That’s why it’s important to reflect often and have a measure of what the ‘best possible way’ is for us, front of mind. If you need further support in this area, why not grab a copy of the Holistic Organising Life Audit? In this audit, you’ll find a list of categories that can help you have a bird’s eye view of your life.

With your completed HOLA in front of you, ask yourself the following questions in relation to the categories:

Health/Wellbeing: What do you like to do and need to do (how many times a week), to feel healthy and active?

Personal Growth: What challenges your mind in a positive way?

Family/Friends: Who do you love spending time with? Who fills you up? How often do you need to see them? 

Career/Work: What work or tasks make you feel valued and impactful?

Financial/Wealth: How do you want to use the money you have?

Fun/Recreation: What hobbies or leisure activities do you really enjoy?

Get in touch and let me know what you come up with! Do you now feel differently about what time well spent means? Book a quick call.

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