Knotty necklaces knots in time

Generally I will put my accessories and clean items of clothing from the day’s outfit away before I get to bed. I have a much better sleep knowing that everything is in its place and I feel fresh and uncluttered the next morning when getting ready for the day ahead. Recently I was feeling a little tired (but not extremely tired – so really I was just being lazy) and rather than going through with my routine, I thought ‘Stuff it!’ and I left everything in a pile including the delicate gold necklace that I had worn that day. This particular necklace is quite demanding and needs to be stored on a cardboard backing… even at the time I knew I was being bold to neglect it…

The next day, I went to wear the necklace again and sadly found it in a tangled knot. This reminded me of a quote that has stuck with me for so long that I cannot recall where I first read it (or the exact phrasing) but it’s along the lines of “not practicing IS practicing”. Basically the consequences of not doing something that is in your best interest, reminds you how very good it is to do that thing – so it’s almost as good as doing that thing as it confirms the action’s value.

For example:

Best interest: Exercise, meditation, brushing your teeth, moisturising your heels, setting up direct debits.

Consequence: Harder to get moving the next time, feel stressed throughout the day, teeth feel yuck, heels crack, late fees accrue.

Well, the ultimate consequence was that it took me half an hour to untangle my necklace… with a bright light and a pair of tweezers I got there in the end but it was something I could have avoided.

HINT: Find a place on the knot and take hold with the tweezers, hold the tweezers up and use your fingers or another pair of tweezers to take the other side and wiggle to loosen the chinks till the knot starts to unfold.

The lesson I took from the experience was that giving into my laziness actually deprives me of more time takes more time. So the next time I’m feeling like giving in, I’ll remember this occasion and just get the job done rather than risking another knotty necklace. Practice practiced.