Why getting the basic human stuff done should be a priority in 2019

It takes a lot to be human. We’re all getting busier, and getting more invitations to here, there and everywhere. What with the number of choices we’re exposed to, how much most of us are online with social media and news sources, plus doing our everyday work it’s never been as challenging than right now to stay zen and on top of life admin.

On top of it all, consumer goods are cheaper than at any time in history so our homes have so much more clutter and stuff in them compared to homes from a generation or two ago. It’s not hard to understand or see that this stuff is impacting our well-being and the health of the environment.

Underneath all the advertising and push for more, we are still our basic human selves. Clothing won’t wash itself, our bodies still need to be fed and our houses need attending to. The basic human stuff is important yet in today’s world it seems to be forgotten easily. It’s seen as the stuff that gets in the way of doing other things, of accomplishing other things – bigger things.

Carrying out real-life workflows every day without even realising it is one of my favourite things about getting organised. Workflowing the human stuff so that it supports and establishes a framework for other life events to take shape is essential for wellbeing.

Sometimes we’re getting things done without much thought at all: popping on a load of laundry for an hour, while zipping around the house to get other things done before the timer goes off; or getting the clothes out to dry and monitoring when to bring them back in to complete the cycle while heading off for groceries. Another example, let’s say the library is near your gym, which also happens to be the route that passes closely to your Post Box. So every Wednesday, when you head to the gym, you drop off or collect, your library items and then check your Post Box on the way home. This route-to-experience optimisation is essentially a workflow in its simplest form.

Taking a basic human need and focusing on it is a great entry point into ensuring that you are living in the moment and living an organised life.

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