Optimising Time, Energy, and Money: A Holistic Approach to Financial Wellbeing

“Sometimes Things Don’t Take Courage — They Take Money”

I saw this quote somewhere online and it hit a nerve. I see this with myself and with clients too. Our financial landscape affects how we spend our time and energy and also dictates where our focus lands.


In the Holistic Life Organising Audit (HOLA) tool. Under the life department of financial/wealth, the following areas are highlighted:

Budgeting: Creating and adhering to a budget serves as a holistic map for your financial journey. It’s not just about dollars and cents; it’s a mindful approach that guides your entire well-being, saving you time from the stress of financial uncertainties.

Savings: Building up your savings is akin to creating a safety net. Beyond just financial security, it embraces the broader concept of well-being, offering you the peace of mind and time-saving grace to navigate life’s unexpected twists.

Income: Maximising income isn’t solely about financial gain; it’s a holistic approach to creating a life that aligns with your values. One of the most common dreams is that by enhancing your financial standing, avenues for personal growth open up and you’ll have the freedom to invest your time in other pursuits that might seem like a pipedream right now.

Investment: Investments are like planting seeds for future financial growth. It’s doing future you a favour. It nurtures a sense of well-being, offering you the future space to invest time in activities that contribute to being fully you.


When you align your financial strategy in line with your time, energy and attention management, you’re essentially optimising your resources and creating a foundation for a more balanced and efficient life long-term.

Wondering how finances and wealth are currently impacting your overall life satisfaction? Download your copy of HOLA now and get a bird’s eye view of where your time, energy, and attention are going.

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