“You’ve gotta romanticise your life.”

This exploration of romanticising your life is inspired by a friend of mine.

Conversations with her over the years have been inspiring because they reframe everyday events and long-term goals in a way that tickles my funny bone. For my line of work, this inspiration has been useful as well and I’ve often passed on this thinking to clients’ situations.


Let me elaborate, my friend and her partner were saving for a trip. That meant cutting back on spending and going out. What resulted though, were themed nights. Staying in and making tacos became “Mexican night” and they would make it special by throwing on an appropriate soundtrack and making up a jug of Sangria. Enjoying a cheese platter cobbled together from the supermarket and having it at the local park, became an indulgent “cheese experience”.

My friend isn’t alone in this way of thinking. Romanticising the mundane is the concept of finding joy and excitement in everyday tasks and experiences. It involves intentionally creating a positive and inspiring narrative around routine activities to make them more enjoyable, meaningful, and memorable.

What my friend has taught me over the years is that when we romanticise the ‘normal’, we shift our perspective and start seeing the ordinary things in our lives in a new light. We can find beauty and inspiration in the simplest of things, from cooking dinner to doing the laundry or even taking a walk around the block. By doing so, it’s possible to infuse our lives with joy, creativity, and purpose.


The act of romanticising the mundane also helps us to appreciate the present moment and be more mindful. Instead of rushing through routine tasks or wishing we were already on that trip, we can focus on what is happening right now and fully engage with it. This mindfulness can bring a sense of calm and inner peace, helping us to feel more grounded and connected to the world around us.

So, how can you start to romanticise the mundane? Here are a few tips:

Reframe your thoughts: Instead of thinking of tasks as chores, try to see them as opportunities for creativity and growth. Like my friend with their stay-at-home dinners, it became an opportunity to experiment with new recipes and find new music.

Add a touch of flair: Add small touches to make mundane tasks more special. Lighting candles, playing music, or using the stuff you’ve saved for fancy occasions just because The Now is also fancy.

Create rituals: Establishing routines and rituals can help to make mundane tasks more meaningful. For example, making a cup of tea every morning or taking a walk after dinner can become a calming and comforting ritual.

Celebrate the small wins: Acknowledge and celebrate the small accomplishments throughout your day. Completing a task on your to-do list or finishing a load of laundry can become moments of pride and satisfaction.

By incorporating these practices into your way of life, you can start to shift your mindset and see the beauty in the simple moments of life.

How do you romanticise your life?

If you’d like to romanticise your life, book a quick call with me to find out how I can help bring back the passion.

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