How do you keep your digital spaces organised?

Have you ever found yourself drowning in digital chaos?

There’s just so much information out there these days and it can so easily start piling up. Here are six simple yet powerful tips to help you kick digital clutter to the curb.

Tip 1: Clean Up Your Inbox

Much like tidying a cluttered room, to start organising your digital life, your inbox is a good place to start. An overflowing email account not only hampers productivity but also hides important messages amidst the chaos. Instead of merely deleting unwanted emails, tackle the root of the problem by unsubscribing from sources of spam and junk. If you receive retail newsletters or news subscriptions, consider changing your preferences to receive only what truly interests you. 

Tip 2: Assess and Delete Dormant Accounts

In the vast expanse of the internet, we often forget about the accounts we’ve created over time. These dormant accounts, housing personal information, can be a security risk. It’s best to close the accounts you no longer use or, at the very least, remove any sensitive data. A digital spring cleaning that safeguards your online presence.

Find out what accounts you have linked to what email address by using these instructions.

Tip 3: Clear Out Text Messages

Texting is our modern-day correspondence, but it can easily become a cluttered mess. Delete photos and videos that no longer serve a purpose. Review old text threads, starting with the oldest, and let go of those that are no longer relevant. Clear the digital cobwebs, one thread at a time.

Tip 4: Delete Excess Photos and Videos

Ah, photos and videos… while they hold cherished memories, they can also lead to a cluttered mess. Delete duplicate or near-duplicate media, reminding yourself that memories lie in the moment, not in the technical perfection of an image. Embrace the art of decluttering to free up precious digital space.

Tip 5: Organise Your Apps

Our devices are often brimming with apps, some forgotten and others rarely used. Categorise them into folders (I like to name my folders after related affirmations such as “I am connected”) to streamline your experience and maintain a clean home screen. Regularly review each folder to ensure your apps remain relevant. Removing unused apps can also reclaim valuable storage space.

Tip 6: Protect Your Passwords

In the age of online everything, managing passwords is a task in itself. The key to digital security lies in unique, complex passwords. Consider using a password manager to organise and safeguard your credentials. Weigh the pros and cons, and decide if this is the right approach for you. It’s a small effort that pays off in security dividends. I personally use LastPass and love it. I’d be lost without it.

Follow these six tips and you’ll be sure to feel more in control.
And if you need help, book a quick call with me and let’s have a chat.

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