Why is goal setting so important? Where do values come into time management?

Goal setting is the backbone of everything that you're working towards.

If we don’t know where we’re going, if we don’t know our destination, then we’re just wasting time every day on things that come our way. What I see often is that people focus on what has shown up rather than what they actually want to do or have planned to do. 

Simple Maths

At the end of the day, life is full of things that you want to do, things that other people want you to do, and things that you have to do (to simply stay alive). With all those things to do time can easily be used up. It’s simple maths. So without a goal in mind, we have no guidance system to help us determine what we’re spending our time on. 

And goals don’t have to be huge. 

They can be as straightforward as “I want to be a good friend”. It doesn’t have to be something huge. Something I coach my clients on is having visions and goals for every aspect of their lives. That way we can use our calendar as a reflection as to whether we are meeting our goals or not. Take being a good friend as a goal. We can see that we have no friendship time in our calendar and make plans for next week that then gets us back on track.

If you are even a little bit more forward-looking, you’re much more likely to manage your time with intention rather than to kind of just letting it happen to you.

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