Three things you can do to help your brain

Our brains love lists.

Brains were built for solving problems, connecting dots, and forming new ideas – not for holding on to all the information it produces. 

Luckily there are some things easily at our disposal to give them a hand at doing what they do best. 

One – we can put all our tasks on a to-do list. Rather than expecting our brains to hold on to everything we can get it out into a device or on to paper. An added benefit is that then these tasks don’t take up space in our short-term memory or make us feel overwhelmed. 

Two – we can use calendars to get appointments and meetings out of our brains. This way you can set and forget about them until we’re reminded at right time.

Three – we can journal and create vision boards to get our big life goals out of our memory bank. This way it’s not on your brain to remember the goals and all the steps you need to take to get there. Added bonus here is that energy is freed up for actually getting the goal achieved. 

Freshen up!

So take a moment, do a brain dump and freshen up your headspace. 

By giving our brains a break we can stop getting in our own way when it comes to accomplishing goals.

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