What are the benefits of Cetaphil?


Cetaphil has so many benefits, I feel like I’m a spokesperson!

After wonderful feedback for my post about  The Wonders of Bicarb Soda that I wanted to talk about Cetaphil. It is another key product in my home and it should be in yours too! The benefits of Cetaphil is that it doubles up as several items, taking up less space and is something you can rely on. I swear this isn’t an advertisement (but if Cetaphil did want to hire me to promote it, I wouldn’t say no…)

This gentle cleanser is worth it’s value in gold and covers four essential needs:

  • with a rough wash cloth it’s my exfoliator
    • cost effective and much better for me as I avoid microbeads (shockingly bad for the environment!), crushed fruit seeds and other exotic combinations that my skin can’t handle
  • it’s my shaving gel (it feels that it’s calming my skin as I remove all of the hair)
  • it removes eye and face make-up (nothing worse than using harsh chemicals on your face, where as this is so much gentler!)
  • and it’s a soap alternative
    • Great for people with skin conditions or sensitive skin (my friend with eczema uses this and it softens the irritation on his hands)


Considering that a bottle lasts quite a while, this product is an underrated tool for all genders, ages and lifestyles. It may look a bit funky at first but the benefits out weigh the immature jokes that run through a few minds… I’m constantly amazed by the number of services I get from one bottle, it almost feels as if I’m stealing! So the benefits of Cetaphil are just fabulous.

I’m keen to hear if you’ve ever used it or if one of it’s uses is missing from my list. Let me know! Contact me by email christie@florandorder.com