A self-care plan can look like this

I was speaking with a client the other day about self-care.

It’s essential for good physical health, positive mental health, and for maintaining productivity. As life gets busy we can sometimes forget to take time for ourselves, which was certainly the case for my client. Her self-care time was always coming in last on the to-do list and often being ‘moved’ to tomorrow (in other words, scratched out). So we looked at how we could plan her self-care in order to make it a ritual and a commitment.

The Plan

What did her plan look like in the end?

Daily: making time for movement (yoga, walking), meditation, journaling, or simply a cup of tea and some daydreaming time.

Weekly: going for a long walk in nature, having an evening bath or a candlelit shower.

Monthly: booking herself in for a body maintenance appointment (massage, or facial) and putting aside a weekend just to potter and reconnect with herself.

It was fantastic to see relief flood my client’s face as she looked at these commitments peppered throughout her calendar. It reminded me that the simple act of having such reminders in our calendar like this can serve as self-care because they keep the commitment to self at the forefront.

So tell me, what commitments do you have in your calendar for self-care? Book a quick call with moi!

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