How to respect our humanity and adjust to our available energy and attention

I was talking with a friend recently about the spate of hot nights

we’d had recently and how that had affected our plans for the following day. You know those nights where it’s just too hot to do anything and slipping under is just not going to happen? No matter how many wet cloths you have on you and fans blowing? It’s awful. Just awful.

Three parts

It’s understandable then that the following day you’re just not going to be running on all cylinders. Kindness goes a long way on days like this. So what can we do? Rejig your expectations, move items on your calendar to other days or times if possible, turn to items that demand less brain power. Every day we have the same amount of time at our disposal but what changes daily is energy and attention.

Quick overview:

  • Time is how we measure the passing of a day – 24 hours.
  • Energy is being aware of your body’s natural rhythms and the best times for you to do things.
  • Attention is being able to focus on what we’re doing and having an awareness of needs in order for us to be fully present.

Adjusting as necessary

By diving into all three aspects we’re respecting our humanity and adjusting to the energy and attention available to us on any given day.

A new aspect of my work is Menstrual Cycle Awareness. I recently completed training in this area and love how much of a game changer it is for my clients who bleed.

Having introduced the concept of cycle tracking and scheduling tasks to certain times of the month, a client sent me an email thanking me.
They said: I really think all this might be a game changer for me on a number of levels (energy, fulfilment, avoiding comparison etc). I really appreciate you going through it with me. I’m looking forward to doing some tracking, journalling over the coming weeks and will touch base if I get stuck.

If this resonates or if Menstrual Cycle Awareness sound interesting to you, reach out and book a quick call with moi! I can’t get enough of talking about it!

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