Use your Calendar to remember good pieces of advice and habits you’d like to adopt

Calendars are such useful tools.

They help us measure our capacity for commitments and work. And they also remind us about when to do cyclical tasks for both life and work.


Another thing you can use your calendar for is as a way to keep miscellaneous things front of mind. You know the ones, things that don’t quite fit in your Task Management System but don’t have a due date, it’s maybe a mantra you want to keep in mind, or something you’d like to do in terms of trying out a new technique but not sure when that will be.


What I recommend is making it a recurring all-day event in your calendar (so it stays up in the top bar). This way you can make it so that it becomes a daily reminder or maybe it pops up every three weeks, or every two months, even every half year. What I’ve found is that when it pops up, it reminds me of a particular idea or technique and one day I think ‘Oh, I really needed to read that today’ or ‘I no longer need that, it’s no longer for me, that’s done’ and I’ll delete it.

I’m curious, what other method have you found for saving mantras and similar reminders digitally?

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